How to Get a Dealers License: Step-By-Step Guide

Although each state will have their own unique requirements to get your auto dealer license, you can get a general idea of the steps you'll need to take to get your license in most states below.
If you'd like to determine your state's licensing requirements, take a look at our comprehensive guide further down which offers state specific guides for getting your dealer license (you can also download the free e-book version of our dealer license guide). Whether you need a wholesale car dealer license or a used car dealer license, our guides will outline the exact steps you must take to get licensed.
#1: Determine Your State's DMV Requirements
Each state has their own unique requirements in order to get an auto dealer license. Your best bet is to select your state from our nationwide map guide above. If you have any questions, you can contact us or your state DMV.
#2: Obtain Your Auto Dealer Bond
This is the one requirement most states agree on. You'll want to ensure you get your bond from an auto dealer bond expert to avoid any headaches or delays.
#3: Submit Your Car Dealer License Application
Your state DMV will provide you the necessary applications and paperwork that you'll need to fill out. Simply complete the application, and send it in to the DMV along with your auto dealer bond.
#4: Receive Your Car Dealer License
If everything was submitted properly, your state will send you your auto dealer license. This may take a few weeks depending on your state and DMV.
Review All Dealership License Requirements by State

Auto Broker License and Car Dealer License Requirements
As mentioned above, requirements for getting a license can be drastically different across each state. For example, some states may require a separate used car dealer license, new auto dealer license, wholesale car dealer license or auto broker license depending on the type of vehicles you want to sell, how many you plan on selling and whether you want to conduct business as a dealer or broker. However, there are other states that may only require one license.
Complicating the process further, the required forms, business and personal information will vary across the country. Unfortunately, many states provide confusing instructions on how to get a license. You'll also find that most states require an auto dealer bond to get your license. Check out our complete guide to get an instant quote and learn the exact process for getting your auto dealer bond.

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