Mississippi Auto Dealer License Guide

Auto dealer licenses are issued by the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission. The online application can be found here or a PDF version can be downloaded. Once you submit the application along with all of the documents, the review board will decide if your application has been accepted.

Determine Which Type of License You Need:

  • Distributor
  • New Motor Vehicle Dealership
How to get your Auto Dealer License

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Obtain a Permanent Business Location

Before applying for your license, you must obtain a business location that meets all of the requirements for a permanently established place of business and be open for inspection. In addition, you must have:

  • A sign indicating the name of the business, the name of the owner, telephone number, and that the business is a motor vehicle dealer, clearly visible and located at the front of the lot.
  • A lot which is separate and apart from any other business.

Compile the Required Documents

You’ll also need to provide the following documents along with your application:

  • Financial statement from the applicant and any other principals involved in the business
  • Labeled photos or sketches of your place of business
  • Biographies of the company’s principals
  • List of your salespeople, along with an application for a New Motor Vehicles Salesperson’s License and associated license fees ($10 per salesperson or $2.50 for a license transfer)
  • Letter from your lending institution addressing the floor plan and business operation
  • A copy of a manufacturer's area marketing analysis

Obtain Your Auto Dealer Bond

The cost of a Mississippi auto dealer bond is a small percentage of the total bond amount. The bond cost varies depending on your financial strength, e.g. personal credit. You can also take a look at our most frequently asked surety bond questions.

  • Fill out our online application form to obtain a free bond quote for your auto dealer license. It takes 5 minutes and you will be able to lock your rate for the next 90 days (in case you want to purchase the bond).

All license applicants are required to purchase and hold a valid surety bond during the entirety of the period when they are licensed.

Bond Amount Required: $25,000

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Submit Your Dealer License Application

Fill out your application and gather all supporting documentation.

Fee: $400 License Fee and a $200 Administrative Fee

Mail your application to:

Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission
1755 Lelia Drive, Suite 200
Jackson, MS 39216

The commission reviews applications on the third Wednesday of each month.

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