Surety Bond Requirements By State

Performance Bond Requirements for Contracts

Contract bond requirements such as bid bonds and performance bonds are not state dependent; these are usually requirement by the government for public jobs. However, they can sometimes be required by private entities and general contractors as well. Visit our contractor’s construction bond guide to learn when you need contract bonds and exactly how to get them.

ERISA Fidelity Bond Requirements

ERISA bonds are one of the only fidelity bonds required of businesses. They must be in place to protect the participants and beneficiaries of employee benefit plans. However, most fidelity bonds aren’t required by the state, as they are usually an optional insurance product to protect your clients or business from employee dishonesty such as theft. You can learn more about getting fidelity bonds to protect your clients or your business.

Court Bond Requirements

Court bonds can be required by state courts if you need to appeal a court decision, become a legal guardian of a minor or operate as a fiduciary of an estate. If you'd like to learn more about what surety bonds are and how they work, you can read our detailed guide here.

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Jennifer Henson
Jennifer Henson

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David Tillotson

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