HARTFORD FIRE & CAS GROUP: Surety Comparison


Review and compare HARTFORD FIRE & CAS GROUP’s historical surety metrics such as direct premium, market share, net loss ratios and more.

Financial Outlook: Stable

Licensed Nationwide? Yes

A.M. Best Rating: A+ (Superior)

Category Size: XV ($2 Billion or greater)

Federal Surety Bond Limit: $1,379,745,000


The Hartford

The Hartford is a property-casualty insurance company that has been in operation for more than 200 years. Many businesses and individuals have used their services, such as Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln and Babe Ruth. The Hartford is represented by more than 15,000 commercial property-casualty agencies across the U.S.

Renewing Your Surety Bond? Top 3 Things to Consider

#1: Are You Getting the Best Surety Bond Rate?

Your bond rate is determined by how likely it appears you would cause claims by not abiding by the terms of your bond. Not all bond companies will offer the same bond rate for a given bond type, as some specialize in certain industries and are more familiar with how to determine the true risk of your potential to cause claims in your area of business. We work with the top bond companies in the U.S., which means we will find you the best rate regardless of which bond type you’re looking for.

#2: Why You Need a Surety Bond Claims Advocate

It’s crucial to understand that any claims you cause on your bond will be paid by the bond company initially, but will ultimately look to you for reimbursement. This is why it’s vital that you work with a company that puts an emphasis on defending their clients from claims. Having a true claims advocate will help ensure you aren’t forced to pay for false claims, or will resolve authentic claims with reduced or no cost to you.

#3: Your Bonding Company's Financial Strength Matters

It’s crucial that you understand if you get a surety bond from a bonding company that doesn’t meet the necessary requirements in place, your bond can be rejected without any type of refund. Bonding companies must meet certain requirements to write your bond, and those requirements can vary depending on what type and size of bond you need. You can learn more about how to choose the right bond company.

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