Supersedeas and Appeal Bond Guide

What is an Appeal Bond?

Appeal bonds (also widely known as supersedeas bonds) are required if you need to appeal a decision in the court of law. An appeal bond ensures that you will pay any claims on the bond that can occur if you don’t have the funds available to pay the winning party as ordered by the court. This bond is sometimes incorrectly referred to as an “appeals bond”.

Frequent Questions

Yes. However, only if you are able to demonstrate significant financial strength (e.g. Fortune 500 companies).

Fill out the application on our website, submit any court related documents concerning the case, sign the indemnity agreement, make payment & post collateral (if necessary) and we can get you a bond in a matter of days.

No. We do not write appeal bonds relating to criminal matters.

Yes. You can fill out our appeal bond application on our website and get approved for a federal appeal bond.

How Much Do Appeal Bonds Cost?

Pricing is a percentage of the bond amount, which is determined using your business financial strength. You can use our free bond premium calculator tool to get an appeal bond price estimate, or you can apply online to get a firm quote.

Where Can You Get an Appeal Bond Form?

You need to obtain the bond form from the court requiring the bond. If the court says they do not have a bond form, you can request a copy of one that the court has accepted in the past. If all else fails, we have generic bond forms that we can provide you as a last resort.

Appeal Bond Claims Can Put You At Risk

You're responsible to pay bond claims in full which can be as large as the full bond amount (including legal costs). The indemnity agreement you must sign to get your bond is a legal contract that pledges your corporate and personal assets if you cause bond claims. Read our guide to learn more about how bond claims work. Unfortunately, most bond agents won't take the time to explain how claims can put you at risk and how to avoid them. If your agent doesn’t take the time to explain how claims affect you, we strongly suggest you reconsider working with them.