Guardianship Bond Guide

Why do you need a Guardianship bond?

You are required to obtain a surety bond when you are selected as a guardian to protect the minor or incapacitated individual you have guardianship over. If you do not fulfill your duties according to the court's order, a claim can be made. For example, if you steal money from a minor's trust that you have guardianship over, a claim can be made.

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Complete the application online, send us any related court documents, sign the indemnity agreement, send payment and we can get you the bond in a matter of days.

It is possible. However, it depends on the severity of your credit issues. If you have moderate credit problems, you may be able get a bond. Severe credit issues will make you ineligible for a bond. Your chances of getting approved will increase if you have legal counsel to guide you through the process. Apply on our website to determine if you qualify.

Yes. These bonds usually do not require collateral and can be obtained with your indemnification alone.

It depends on the size of the bond you need. An attorney is not necessary for smaller bonds. However, if you need a larger bond, the surety likes to see legal counsel involved to aid in the process as attorneys are familiar with the legal system.

As long as the minor or incapacitated individual needs financial supervision. In a minor's case, the bond can be relinquished when they turn 18. The surety will charge a premium for the bond annually based on the bond amount until it is released by the court. The bond amount can be reduced if a request to do so is granted by the courts, resulting in a lowered annual premium.

Surety Bonds do not protect you

The bond is a form of insurance for your clients, which is why many businesses proudly list that they are bonded on their marketing material. However, you will be required to reimburse the bonding company should a claim be paid out.

Why you must avoid claims at all costs

Fidelity Bonds protect your business

You can protect your business from employee theft and fraud by purchasing a fidelity bond. You can read more in our fidelity bond section.

What's your bond cost?

Bond costs vary by applicant, bond amount, bond type & the agency you choose. You can get a general idea of costs using our Quick Estimate tool to the right or an exact quote instantly online!

Why our rates are so low

When it comes to surety bond insurance, there is safety in numbers. As the largest volume writer in the country, we are able to obtain the lowest rates from the strongest bonding company partners.

What does a surety bond cost?

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