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What is a Fidelity Bond?

Fidelity bonds provide protection for you or your clients from dishonest employees who may commit theft, embezzlement, forgery, etc. (they are sometimes incorrectly referred to as bond insurance). Please see our full list of fidelity bond types below that can help protect your clients or business.

Fidelity Bonds for Bonding Employees

Business Services Bond - This protects your customers from dishonest acts by your employees such as theft. Once business owners have this bond they often advertise “bonded employees” to put their clients mind at ease.

Employee Dishonesty Bond - This is a common type of employee bonding that protects employers from their own employee's dishonest acts such as theft, embezzlement and forgery.

Janitorial & Cleaning Bond - This type of bonding of employees specifically protects the clients of janitorial and cleaning services.

Financial Institution Bond - This type is used specifically to bond employees of financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies and provides protection from employee dishonesty.

Bonding an Employee Benefit Plan

ERISA Bond - Allows you to have employee benefit plans and protects the participants and beneficiaries from fraud.

What Does a Fidelity Bond Cost?

Fidelity bond pricing is relatively cheap when compared to the cost of surety bonds, and the costs are based on the type of coverage you need, the coverage amount, the number of employees and the controls you have in place for your business. Without having your specific information and knowing your exact bonding needs it's impossible to provide an idea of pricing. If you’re interested in getting a firm quote, you’ll need to fill out our online fidelity bond application.

Surety Bond vs Fidelity Bond: What Are Fidelity Bonds and How Are They Different?

As mentioned above, fidelity bonds protect you or your clients from employee dishonesty such as theft and are generally optional to obtain. However, surety and fidelity bonds are very different from one another.

The main difference between fidelity and surety bonds is that surety bonds are required (usually by the government) and are legally binding contracts that state that if you don’t abide by the terms of the bond and cause claims, you’re required to pay them in full. Surety bonds are required for a large variety of purposes (many different types of small businesses are notified by their state or local municipality that they need a surety bond to operate legally). You can read our guide to learn more about how surety bonds work.

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