Cleaning Business Insurance with a Janitorial Bond

What's Bonding Insurance for a Cleaning Business?

Janitorial bonds are a form of insurance and bonding for your cleaning company that provides protection for your customers from property loss caused by your own cleaning or janitorial service employees. For example, if one of your employees commits theft, a claim can be filed on the bond.

How to Get Bonded for a Cleaning Business

If you are looking to get bonded to perform clearing or janitorial work you need a janitorial bond. You will need to apply online to get a bond quote. Once you’re approved and provide payment, we will ship you the bond and policies.

Frequent Questions

No. However, many consumers will not hire a cleaning company who is not "bonded and insured", which is referring to a cleaning service/janitorial bond. The bond assures your customers that if any of their property is missing, they are covered by the bond.

Yes. There are no credit checks when applying for these bonds. However, credit may be pulled for larger cleaning bonds.

We will provide you the bond form once you apply, as we have most bond forms on file.

The bond company that wrote the bond will reach out to you, and it is important that you respond to them immediately. You will then have the chance to refute any false claim and discuss the situation with the claims representative to prove that the claim is false.

How Much Do Janitorial Bonds Cost?

Costs for getting cleaning business insurance and bonding is determined by the coverage amount, the number of employees you need covered and the controls you have in place for your business. Without having your specific information and bonding needs it's impossible to provide an idea of pricing. If you want to get a solid bond quote you’ll need to apply online.

Can You Get Insurance for a Cleaning Business with Bad Credit?

Yes. Your personal credit usually won’t be checked if you need a smaller to moderate sized bond. However, personal credit will be checked if you need a large janitorial bond. Apply online to see if you can get approved.