How JW Surety Bonds is Different

With thousands of licensed insurance agencies that offer surety bonds in the US today, we know choosing the right one can be a hassle.

This is why we want to thank you for stopping by to consider JW Surety as your next bond provider, and show you why we are indeed the nation’s #1 Surety Bond Provider.

There are tons of agencies out there that have small operations without direct access to the best specialty programs, requiring them to broker their business to a larger agency.

With JW Surety, we know that the easiest way to ensure you’ll find the best bond program is to go through a nationally recognized Managing General Underwriter (MGU), and we will do everything to make sure that you will get bonded today while helping you at every step in the process!

Most Bond & Insurance Agencies
Exclusive access to specialty programs Yes No
Underwrites surety bonds inhouse Yes No
Time needed to receive your bond
Instant Bond Quotes
3+ business days
Ways to receive your surety bonds
Claims specialist to protect your business Yes No
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Go Direct with JW Surety Bonds

As the nation’s largest volume producing MGU, we work with thousands of insurance brokers that are unable to get their clients’ bonds approved without our specialty bond programs and rates. If you apply with another agency, it may result in your applications being submitted to us, but with an unnecessary middle-man involved.

Working with JW Surety Bonds means you’re in direct contact with the decision maker for the approval of your bond. Most agencies have to provide your bond request to a carrier side underwriter, which slows the process tremendously. And further, to access specialty programs, these smaller agencies must submit your bond request to one of the few bond MGU specialists in the country. JW Surety Bonds is the nationally recognized leading volume MGU in the United States.

We guarantee that the obligee will accept any bond we issue. If the obligee declines your bond, we will send you a 100% refund, including any shipping costs incurred!


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We Save You Money on Claims

What bond amount are you purchasing? Did you know you could be stuck paying the full bond amount plus any legal fees? It’s important to understand when you purchase a bond you are responsible to reimburse the surety for claims, which makes it imperative you choose wisely when picking a bond agency. Our name and reputation are on the line with every bond we approve. If a claim arises on your bond, our claim advocates will work with you to ensure false claims are not paid and resolutions for legitimate ones are provided at minimal cost.

Bond agencies aren’t usually involved in the claims process; they sell you the bond, collect their commissions and move on to the next customer. Some agents don’t understand bonds well enough to properly defend you from claims, while others are simply too small to have the resources to get involved. With JW Surety Bonds, you can rest assured you’ll have the best claim specialists in the industry fighting for you.

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Easiest Bond Process

The bond market can be difficult to properly navigate. You need the right bond, with a strong bond backing, at a competitive rate. JW Surety Bonds makes the bonding process simple. Our industry leading technology allows you to apply, pay and print for your bond directly from our website. Most bonds are approved instantly online, taking only minutes to complete the process. Larger bonds that require additional underwriting are reviewed by our in-house underwriters that ensure you are placed with a financially strong surety. Tell us what your bond needs are and let our bond experts do the rest!

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