Money Transmitter Bond Guide

Why do you need a money transmitter bond?

You need to obtain a surety bond to protect the public. If you do not follow the regulations of the state, a claim can be filed on your bond. For example, if you fail to transfer customer's funds as agreed to, a claim can be made.

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Our application only takes minutes. Our website will provide you an instant quote and allow you to buy your bond directly on our website.

You must contact the surety company's claims department and provide proof that the claim is false.

Yes. We are licensed nationwide and due to our bulk underwriting programs, we can provide higher surety credit limits than most other bond agencies. This usually allows you to get bonded in all states.

No. The bond premium is a fee you pay for the surety credit extended to you. The premium fee is in place for the risk assumed by the bonding company. Cancelling your bond may result in a pro-rated returned premium, but never for the first year. Premiums paid for the first year are "fully earned".

Unlike most bonding agencies, we underwrite based on personal credit alone. As you improve your credit, the lower your rate will fall. Although, rates will only be credit based for smaller bond amounts. Larger bonds require review of the owner(s) personal credit, business credit, experience and personal financials. All must be strong for a lower rate.

Surety Bonds do not protect you

The bond is a form of insurance for your clients, which is why many businesses proudly list that they are bonded on their marketing material. However, you will be required to reimburse the bonding company should a claim be paid out.

Why you must avoid claims at all costs

Fidelity Bonds protect your business

You can protect your business from employee theft and fraud by purchasing a fidelity bond. You can read more in our fidelity bond section.

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Bond costs vary by applicant, bond amount, bond type & the agency you choose. You can get a general idea of costs using our Quick Estimate tool to the right or an exact quote instantly online!

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When it comes to surety bond insurance, there is safety in numbers. As the largest volume writer in the country, we are able to obtain the lowest rates from the strongest bonding company partners.

What does a surety bond cost?

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