Immigration Consultant Bond Guide

How to Get Your Immigration Consultant Bond

#1: Determine Your Requirements

Each state has its own bond requirements that you must satisfy to work as an immigration consultant. If you're just beginning your research, select your state from the map below to determine your requirements.

Select Your State

#2: Get Approved for Your Bond

Once you know which bond requirements you must meet, your next step is to apply online and get instantly approved.

#3: Sign and Submit Your Bond to the State

Once you have your bond in your hands you will need to:

  • Sign your bond
  • Make a copy for your records
  • Send the signed bond to the state (along with any other important paperwork provided by the state or bond agency)

How Much Do Immigration Consultant Bonds Cost?

The cost is a percentage of the bond amount, which is based mostly on your personal credit. If you have good personal credit, the cost will be a small percentage (about 1 - 3%). However, if you have personal credit issues, the percentage will likely be higher (roughly 5 - 10%). You can use our free bond premium calculator tool to get an instant ballpark estimate, or you can apply online to get a firm quote.

What is an Immigration Consultant Bond?

Immigration consultant bonds are guarantees that protect the public. Specifically, they protect individuals against unlawful acts such as fraud and misrepresentation committed by an immigration consultant they have hired. For example, if you have falsified documents while providing a client with immigration consulting services, your client can file a claim on your bond which you must pay in full.

Surety Bond Claims Can Put You at Risk

As mentioned above, you’re responsible to pay any claims on your surety bond in full which can be as large as the bond amount (this includes legal costs). The indemnity agreement you must sign to get your immigration consultant bond is a legal contract that pledges your corporate and personal assets. These may be used to pay claims you cause by committing unlawful acts while providing your clients immigration consulting services. You can read our guide to learn more about how bond claims work.