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Colorado Contractor License Bond Cost

The cost of a Colorado Contractor License Bond varies depending on the required bond amount and your credit score. Generally, those with good credit can secure a bond for 1% - 5% of the total bond amount, while those with credit issues pay 5% - 10%. Therefore, a $20,000 bond would cost between $200 - $1000 for someone with a good credit score. 

The last factor that impacts your surety bond cost is which bonding company you choose. A larger bond agency, like JW Surety Bonds, can offer you better prices due to the large volume of bonds we underwrite. 

A great example of this is my recent conversation with an applicant named Sheila. She was shopping around for a $20,000 bond and called to see what price we could give her. After processing her application, we were able to offer her a 3% bond premium, which amounted to $600. Sheila was shocked—the lowest quote she secured prior to talking to us was 5%, which amounted to $1,000. She was delighted that we were able to shave $400 off her bond price!

How to Obtain a Contractor License Bond in Colorado

The easiest way to get a Contractor License Bond in Colorado is to apply online. Our online application is available 24/7 and can bond you in as little as 24 hours. Here's what to expect.

1. Apply 

Fill out the online bond application. You will need basic information such as:

  • Bond Type (Colorado Contractor License Bond)
  • Obligee Name (ex. City of Arvada)
  • Bond Amount (ex. $20,000)
  • Contact Information

If you prefer to apply by phone (888-592-6631), you will still need the same information on hand. 

2. Get a Free Quote

A free bond quote will be sent your way. To start the bonding process, you must fill out the paperwork we email to you and pay the invoice.

3. Receive The Bond

A copy of the bond will be emailed to you, and the original will be sent by mail. You usually need to send the original bond to the organization licensing you. But in some cases, they will accept a copy.

Colorado Contractor License Bond Requirements and Regulations

There is no state-wide licensing requirement for Colorado contractorstherefore, not all Colorado contractors need to get a license bond. However, a Colorado contractor may need to get a license bond if they need a specialty license (ex. Colorado Plumbing Contractor License or Colorado Electrical Contractor License)

Additionally, it is common to need a contractor license bond to get licensed to work in certain municipalities. See the chart below for the most common municipal licenses.


Licensing Organization (Obligee)

Surety Bond Amount

Licensing Bond Name

Arvada Municipal Contractor License

City of Arvada 


Contractor Licensing Bond

Colorado Springs General Contractor License

City of Colorado Springs


Contractor Licensing Bond

Denver General Contractor License

City of Denver


Denver General Contractor Bond

Denver Sidewalk Contractor License

City of Denver


Denver Sidewalk Contractor Bond

Denver Sewer Contractor License

City of Denver


Denver Sewer Contractor Bond

Other Denver Right-of-Way Licenses

City of Denver



Fort Collins Right-of-Way Contractor License

City of Fort Collins


Contractor Licensing Bond

How Do I Renew My Colorado Contractor License Bond?

Before your Colorado License Bond expires (generally, they are active for 12 months), you will need to renew it online. 

You should receive a notice of expiry and renewal forms from your surety company approximately 30 - 90 days before your bond's renewal-by-date. Simply fill out the forms and pay your invoice to renew your bond. You will need to submit proof of your renewal to whichever Board you are licensed with.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Colorado contractor license bond acts as a financial guarantee that the bonded contractor will abide by all regulations, laws, building codes, and ethics surrounding their profession. If they fail to do so, the bond compensates for any damages. 

For example, say an electrical contractor finishes a job, but it is later found that their work is faulty. The client can then make a claim against the contractor's license bond to get financially compensated for losses related to the subpar work.

Colorado contractors doing specialty work such as plumbing and electrical need a license bond. Additionally, those working in certain jurisdictions need a licensing bond to get municipal licenses. 

For example, a contractor licensing bond is needed to obtain a Denver Right-Of-Way License. This license class includes cement sidewalk contractor licenses, structural contractor licenses, etc., and allows the licensee to perform public work in the City and County of Denver.

It takes about 5 – 8 weeks to get most types of contractor licenses in Colorado.

Colorado has many different types of contractor licenses based on the type of work you do and where you do said work, and they all have different regulatory agencies. Therefore, wait time can vary heavily. To get the best idea of how long your contractor license application form will take to process, contact whichever agency is issuing the license you're applying for.

Yes, you can get a contractor license bond with bad credit. 

While some surety companies may turn you away, we have a bad credit surety bond program specifically for those with credit issues. Our bond experts will get you a license bond quickly and at the best possible price for your credit score.

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