Colorado Contractor License Guide

In Colorado, the Department of Regulatory Agencies is charged with licensing all plumbers and electricians. General contractors, however, are licensed at the municipal level and are subject to regulations passed by individual cities. A contractor should review the appropriate legislation based on the type of work they perform.


Determine the Type of Contractor License You Need

In Colorado, general contractors need to obtain licensing at the municipal level, though electricians and plumbers require state-level licenses. While general contractors may not need a contracting license for the state, they will need a business license, which has its own set of requirements.

  • Electrical License - Licensing has two levels: journeyman and master.
  • Plumbing License - There are license levels available including residential, journeyman and master. Licensed plumbers can then register as a plumbing contractor.
  • General Contractors License (Municipality level) - In Colorado, general contractor license guidelines will vary, but will generally only be applicable for work that requires a permit. Some cities may also require a business license.

Note: Electrical contractors may be eligible for reciprocity if they hold a journeyman or master electrician’s license from a state that’s in good standing with National Electrical Reciprocal Alliance (NERA), or from another entity or jurisdiction that has a reciprocity agreement with the board. Reciprocity will only be granted at the journeyman level regardless of previous level attained. Full prerequisites can be found under the rules and regulations section of the Electrical Board’s Laws, Rules and Policies.


Access Colorado’s Contractor License Application Forms

Electrical contractor licenses are available on the Colorado Electrical Board website and plumbing contractor licenses can be obtained on the Colorado Plumbing Board website.

  • Electrical contractor applications and information are available here.
  • Plumbing contractor applications, forms and licensure information can be found here.
  • General contractor applications will need to be obtained directly through the municipality you will be working in. To find applications and information, you should visit the city’s website or call your city hall.


Fulfill Requirements and Obtain Required Documents

Though individual licensing requirements are different, electrical and plumbing contractors have some shared prerequisites. Please note municipalities will have their own general contractor document and ID needs, but many of the requirements below may be part of the process.

Before beginning your application, be sure to have these items at your disposal:

  • Affidavit of eligibility.
  • Social security number (or affidavit if you do not have a social security number).
  • Name change documentation (if this applies).
  • Experience and work history documentation.
  • Certified transcripts from trade-related and formal education.
  • An apprentice license with registration as an apprentice with your current company (journeyman only).
  • Copy of the license you would like reciprocated (if applying for reciprocity).
  • Evidence of compliance with Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Compensation laws.

Note: You’ll need to upload all documentation with your application. This means you will need to have equipment capable of scanning and creating digital copies.


Submit Your Colorado Contractor License Application

Register Online to Apply

Colorado doesn’t use a mail-in process for their business and contractor applications. Rather, they utilize an online portal. Municipality application processes differ from this process. Visit the city’s website or call for more information.

Licensing and Application Fees

Fees vary per industry and may not include municipal fees.

  • Electrical contractor:
    • Journeyman $120
    • Master $140
  • Plumber contractor:
    • Journeyman $120
    • Master $140
    • Residential plumbing $100
  • General contractors: varies by municipality.

Note: Application processing fees must be paid by credit card or electronic check. Review the checklist in the licensure dropdown on the Plumbing or Electrical Board website for more information.


Pass Examination (Electricians and Plumbers Only)

Once your application has been approved by the Colorado state board, you’ll receive a letter of acceptance and information on where to obtain a testing handbook, which provides testing locations, fees, and schedules. Tests are administered by a private agency, PSI.

Review the licensure by examination section on the Electrical Board and State Plumbing Board sites to see which codes you will be tested on.


Obtain Your Contractor License Bond

Contractor licenses are awarded at the municipal level, and other requirements such as a contractor license bond can be made at this level. Check with your local development authority for more information.

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