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Companies that make and sell food to the general public are highly advised to take out all the necessary coverage they can to protect themselves from any lawsuits or claims, which may arise in the event of an accident like food poisoning as a result of improperly stored food.

Without food business insurance in place - if found guilty - the company will be responsible for paying for all the legal fees, compensation and reimbursements, medical bills, and other costs. These can quickly add up and be devastating for the average food business.

Having food business insurance will not only save you a lot of money if an accident took place but will also help you deal with the situation a lot easier.

What Insurance Policies Are Relevant for Food Businesses?

Food businesses - regardless of whether it’s a restaurant or a buffet - they can all benefit from a variety of different insurance policies. The level of cover you should take out depends on the size of your business, the products you sell to the public, the state you operate out of, the number of employees your business has, and more.

For a more detailed breakdown of the most recommended food insurance policies, please take a look below.

Which Food Businesses Can Benefit From Insurance?

Practically any business that deals with the making or selling of food products can benefit from a food business insurance policy. Below, we will explore some of the most popular businesses that serve food, which can benefit from such insurance.

Banquet Halls

Banquet hall insurance: banquet halls are responsible for dealing with a lot of customers in the same room at the same time. This can be for big weddings or large business meetings and corporate events.
In banquet halls, everything can go wrong. People are eating, drinking, dancing, and having fun. As such, a single slip by an intoxicated customer can result in legal action due to the sustained bodily injuries. In other cases, the banquet hall might need to be evacuated in case of fire, which can disrupt the celebration, and cost the business dearly.
As a result, taking out the necessary insurance policies is recommended so that banquet hall businesses are financially protected no matter the accident at hand.


Bar insurance: bars serve alcohol, and while most people will have fun while consuming their favorite cocktails - a rare number of customers are also a lot more likely to cause trouble if they are intoxicated.

From bodily injuries to other customers and your staff to property damage - anything can be expected when a customer is intoxicated.

As such, bars should take out the necessary insurance policies to protect their business, staff, and customers in the event an accident takes place, which leads up to a claim or a lawsuit.

Cafeterias and Buffets

Cafeteria, and buffet insurance: cafeterias and buffets as a whole are responsible for the making and selling of consumables to the general public. And because of that - they are constantly exposed to risk, which can get the business into legal trouble if an accident takes place.

From food poisoning to property damage resulting from poor weather conditions - with the right level of protection - the business will be fully covered by the insurance company and its financial standing will be unaffected.


Caterer insurance: caterers and catering facilities have the responsibility of mass-producing food for meetings, events, banquet halls, weddings, and virtually any other event that gathers a large number of people in one place.

The most common risk caterers face is getting their customers sick from improperly stored food. Besides that, actual staff within the catering business can also get injured or fall sick at the place of work.

Whatever the accident may be - having the right type of insurance in place will protect not only your business and its financial standing but also your staff’s livelihood and your customer's health in case they suffer as a result of the products your business has made.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shop insurance: coffee shops can also get themselves in legal and financial trouble from simple things such as waiters spilling warm coffee on a customer and getting them burnt to baristas cutting themselves on a broken cup.
Whatever the case may be - when the coffee shop has the necessary insurance in place - the insurance company will cover all the costs - even if legal action is taken against the business.


Deli insurance: deli shops are different in nature as they focus on serving customers unique food for a more unique experience. That unfortunately doesn’t protect them from the typical risks that general restaurants are exposed to.

For instance, if a staff member sustains skin burns caused by hot oil - they can be out of work for quite some time. On the flip side, if your deli shop gets damaged from poor weather conditions or even theft and vandalism, that can close the business down until the problem and the damage are resolved.

When you have insurance, the insurance company will take care of all the costs associated with fixing the problem at hand - be it structural damage to your business's property or a lawsuit filed from your staff for neglecting health and safety protocols.

Fast Food Restaurants

Fast foot restaurant insurance: fast food restaurants need to ensure the safety of not only the business but also their staff and customers. And one way to do that is by taking out the necessary insurance policies.

This way, if an accident were to take place - be it someone slipping and severely injuring their body or a customer consuming food and getting food poisoning - not only will your business be financially freed of any liabilities but the person who has sustained the injuries can be reimbursed accordingly.

Food Trucks

Food truck insurance: food trucks are practically restaurants on wheels, which means that they not only carry the risks associated with a normal restaurant - such as customers getting food poisoning but they can also get into road accidents.

And as a result, having an adequate level of cover is advised. This way, the food truck business will be financially freed from any liabilities that may arise and be reimbursed accordingly by the insurance company if they got into a road accident or someone tried to break into the food truck.

Food Vendors

Food vendor insurance: food vendors, like food trucks, are considered to be quite modest when compared to full-on dining establishments like buffets and restaurants. Despite that, they can still get into legal trouble if a customer falls sick as a result of consuming the food sold at your food stall.

And as a result - food vendors are highly recommended to take out the necessary insurance policies so that the business and its finances are safe if an accident takes place and leads to a lawsuit.

Ice Cream Shops

Ice cream shop insurance: ice cream shops, like other physical businesses, must also take food business insurance in order to protect their livelihood and financial standing in the event of an accident.

From property damage sustained due to poor weather conditions to an allergic reaction sustained by a customer from consuming your products - without the insurance in place - your small business and its financial standing can be put in danger.

This is why food business insurance is recommended as when you have an adequate level of cover in place - no matter what happens or if a lawsuit arises, your insurance company will cover all the costs associated with the accident.


Restaurant insurance: restaurants are also highly recommended to take out food business insurance to protect themselves in case legal action or a claim is filed against the business in the event of an accident.

From customers getting food poisoning resulting in their hospitalization and chefs severely burning themselves with hot oil to intoxicated customers causing trouble - the risks of running a restaurant are everywhere.

A food business insurance in place will safeguard your restaurant from any financial liabilities, no matter the accident at hand.

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