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Property damage, theft, car accidents, and third-party injuries are some of the risks that ice cream shop owners face on a daily basis, which can result in a claim or a lawsuit that can financially devastate the average small business.

Having the right ice cream shop insurance in place will help protect your business’s financial standing and free it from any financial liabilities regardless of the event that has taken place.

Why Do Ice Cream Shops Need Insurance?

Ice cream shop owners face various risks while operating their ice cream business. Even though it varies per location, these shops tend to get a lot of foot traffic every day. And as such, misfortunes are bound to happen at some point.

Customers might slip on a wet surface, or trip on uneven ground, which can result in serious bodily injuries. In the more severe cases, customers can even file a lawsuit against the shop owner and demand compensation for the injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and other costs incurred as a result of the injury.

If you run a mobile ice cream shop, then your ice cream truck will likely be located on a street with a lot of passing vehicles nearby. And in rare cases, when you least expect it, someone might bump into your mobile ice cream truck and cause not only property damage but also seriously injure you and your staff.

In other cases, break-ins and theft are also risk factors that many - particularly ice truck owners face all the time.

As a result, having the right ice cream shop insurance in place for your business will safeguard its financial standing no matter if there is a theft and you’ve lost expensive equipment or if a customer files a lawsuit as a result of an injury on your property.

What Types of Insurance Do Ice Cream Shops Need?

In general, ice cream shop owners have a variety of insurance policies to choose from. Factors such as the type of ice cream business you operate, the number of employees you have, the location of your business, revenue, and others can determine the level of coverage your ice cream shop needs.

Below, you can discover some of the most suggested insurance policies for ice cream shop owners across America.

How Much Does Ice Cream Shop Insurance Cost?

The cost of ice cream shop insurance can vary quite greatly because there are many factors that go into calculating the final price.

The average ice cream shop in the United States pays an average of $135 per month or $1620 per year on business owner’s insurance. This policy will protect you from property damage, peril, business interruption, and liability.

In compliance with state laws and regulations, ice cream shop owners also need to look out for their employees. With workers’ compensation insurance, employees are protected in the event of injuries or sickness at the workplace. This policy typically costs $115 per month, or an average of $1,355 annually, and covers hospital bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, and other costs that may arise as a result of the injury.

Some flavors of ice cream include distilled spirits or other alcoholic beverages. If your ice cream shop offers treats that involve an alcoholic drink, you need liquor liability insurance to cover for incidents that may arise out of an intoxicated customer. This policy will cost you an average of $75 per month or $925 a year.

General liability insurance costs the average ice cream shop around $40 per month or $500 per year and provides cover against third-party injuries and property damage.

If you’re running a mobile ice cream shop, then you will need to opt-in for commercial auto insurance, which will cost you around an extra $165 per month or around $2,000 per year. Commercial auto insurance will cover you, your employees, your vehicle, and any third party involved in the accident.

Typical Ice Cream Shop Insurance Claims

Ice cream shop owners most commonly make claims that are related to bodily injuries, theft, road accidents, and property damage.

Purchasing an ice cream shop insurance policy will ensure that your business is financially secured in the event of an accident that results in a claim or legal action.

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