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From skin burns caused by hot oil and cuts and scrapes from cutting the ingredients necessary for the food products sold at the shop to property damage, vandalism, and theft, there are many different risks associated with running a physical deli shop.

With the right delis insurance policy in place, you can shield your business from unfortunate events that would require you to pay out of pocket. Instead, the insurance company will cover the costs associated with the problem at hand.

Why Do Deli Shops Need Insurance?

Working with knives, boiling water, and hot oil can quickly turn into an accident that can potentially injure an employee or a customer. In such a case, a lawsuit may be filed for compensation, and without an insurance policy in place, the deli shop will have to cover all the costs out of pocket.

In other cases, poor weather conditions, vandalism, or theft can leave your property in a condition that is unsuitable for conducting business. Repairs of the damaged shop and replacements of stolen equipment can cost you dearly, but with an insurance policy in place - your insurance company will cover all the costs.

In other cases, depending on the state of operation, deli stores are simply required by state law to have a certain level of cover in order to legally operate and conduct business.

Whatever the case may be, having deli insurance in place is always a good idea as you never know where, when, and what accident might occur, which could devastate your business financially.

What Are The Different Types Of Insurance That Deli’s Need?

Deli shops, much like ice cream stores, restaurants, and other physical businesses that deal with food need to get a certain level of cover to safeguard the business from accidents that can turn into a costly claim or legal action.

The level of coverage you get will depend on a number of variables such as the location of your deli store, the number of employees and company cars your business has, the value of your tools and equipment, the nature of your business, and more.

For a more detailed overview of the exact insurance policies that would benefit your deli business, please take a look below.

What Is The Cost Of Insurance For Deli’s?

Deli insurance policies can differ in terms of price between the different deli shops in the United States. This is because there are many different variants that can affect the total price.

However, the average United States-based deli shop pays around $100 every month on business owner’s insurance. A BOP policy combines property and general liability insurance into one.

For an average of $95 per month, deli stores can protect the livelihood of their employees by taking out worker’s compensation insurance. This policy will cover your employees in case they fall sick or get injured at their place of work.

Deli stores that serve alcohol in any shape or form are also required to take out liquor liability insurance, which costs the average deli store around $50 per month or $600 every year. This type of policy will provide protection in case an intoxicated customer does something within your property, which results in a lawsuit or a claim.

General liability insurance for deli shops costs around $95 per month or $1130 per year. This policy will provide a certain degree of protection against claims and lawsuits that have resulted from third-party injuries and property damage.

And lastly, deli stores that own company vehicles pay an average of $150 per month or $1,800 per year on commercial auto insurance. This type of cover will protect your company vehicle, staff, and any third party involved in the event of an accident.

Typical Deli Shop Insurance Claims

The most common deli insurance claims revolve around bodily injuries, property damage, and road accidents. In more rare cases, deli shop owners also claim insurance for vandalism, theft, and loss of business in the event of an accident.

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