J.R. Olsen Bonds & Insurance Brokers Closed

It was a complete surprise to all in the surety industry, as well as J.R. Olsen Bonds employees, that the agency suddenly closed its doors after 30 years in the surety bond and insurance industry. The founder of the agency, Jim Olsen, passed away a couple of years ago leaving a hole in the agency. Mr. Olsen was well liked in the industry, and JW Surety Bonds had a great relationship with Jim Olsen and the rest of J.R. Olsen Bonds & Insurance Brokers.

J.R. Olsen Bonds Was Previously Thriving

At one point in the not too distant past, J.R. Olsen Bonds was sending bonds to JW Surety Bonds for issuance, as JW Surety is the largest privately owned surety agency in the U.S.

J.R. Olsen Bonds was writing over $1,000,000 in surety premium business with JW Surety Bonds due to our exclusive bond programs, and innovative technology making it easy for consumers and surety sub-brokers to obtain bonds.

How Should Current J.R. Olsen Bonds Clients Move Forward?

However, as of today, the sudden closing of J.R. Olsen Bonds & Insurance has a lot of direct clients and sub-brokers who are confused and unsure of how to handle their existing bond renewal as well as new bond needs. During this confusing and challenging time, JW Surety Bonds is here to help.

We have a combined staff of over 50 individuals who specialize in surety only, and we are appointed with over 20 different insurance companies.

J.R. Olsen Bonds Renewals

If you have a bond in place with J.R. Olsen Bonds that needs to be renewed, we can most likely seamlessly transfer your bond over to JW Surety Bonds. We can fully service your bond, handle renewals, and issue change riders/modifications as needed.

New Surety Bond Requests

For new bond needs, we can easily handle all types of surety bonds using our innovative technology platform where you can apply for a bond, get it approved, electronically sign agreements using DocUSign, pay for your bond, and have it digitally executed and available for download.

If you have any questions about how to best move forward, please contact our Senior

Agent below:

Melissa McDade

[email protected]

+1-888-592-6631 x4804

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