COVID-19 Update: JW Surety Bonds Open for Business

April 16, 2020

As the current COVID-19 pandemic has affected all corners of the world, we would like to provide an update about about our current operations. JW Surety Bonds is still offering our full range of bonding services.

Are There Changes to Our Working Hours?

No. Our staff is currently working full time from home, and are accessible during our normal working hours (Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm EST). Our team is reachable via their work email addresses, phone numbers, and the live chat on our website. We are still offering our full range of bonding services.

However, our physical office is currently closed until further notice due to the national and state guidance.

Have Approval and Quote Times Changed?

No. Quotes/approvals can still be obtained instantly online, while some bonds that require additional underwriting may require a few hours. Our issuing department is fully operational and able to ship out all bonds within 24 hours of purchase.

How Can I Exchange Documents with JW Surety Bonds?

You can submit and receive most documents electronically. Also, we still receive all forms of mail. As shipping services throughout the country have been deemed “essential services,” they continue to operate as usual.

Promotion Details

The promotion relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic includes the reduction or elimination of any processing fees, which may have been associated with the execution of your surety bond purchased through us.

Premiums cannot be discounted as premiums rates are established by the insurer and are filed with the specific Department of Insurance where your bond is required. Not all applicants will qualify for said promotion and is subject to underwriting criteria, and the level of risk associated with your bond. This promotion is only applicable to new customers effective 4/17/2020.

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