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How Much Does an Idaho Contractor License Bond Cost?

The cost of an Idaho Contractor License Bond varies depending on the required bond amount and your credit score. However, it usually runs less than $100 for most contractors and subcontractors. The one licensing bond that is generally more expensive is the Idaho Farm Labor Contractor License.

Contractor License Type

Required Surety Bond Amount 

Estimated Surety Bond Cost (1-5% of Bond Amount)*


Idaho Plumbing Contractor License




Idaho HVAC Contractor License




Idaho Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractor License




Idaho Farm Labor Contractor License 

$10,000 or $30,000

$100 - $500; or

$300 - $1,500

Bond amount is dependent on the number of employees the contractor employs:

Less than 20 = $10,000

More than 20 = $30,000


*The estimated surety bond cost in the chart above is representative of those with good credit. All bond applications go through an underwriting process that involves a credit check.

How to Obtain a Contractor License Bond in Idaho

Getting an Idaho Contractor License Bond with JW Surety Bonds is quick and easy—we can often get you bonded in as little as 1-2 business days. Note that some licensing boards require a license bond to be submitted with a licensing application. In contrast, others require it only after license approval. Always check your application instructions to see when yours is needed. 

1. File a Bond Application

You can apply for an Idaho Contractor License Bond online or by calling us at (888) 592-6631. In both instances, we will need basic information such as:

  • The bond type you need (license bond)
  • The bond amount
  • Your name and contact information.

Once your application is processed, a bond quote will be sent your way. Note that our online application is the best way to get bonded quickly as it is available 24/7 and provides an instant free quote. 


2. Sign the Indemnity Agreement & Pay

To secure your bond, sign the contract we email and send it back to us via email or fax. Your invoice will also be emailed to you.


3. Send Your Bond

An Electronic Surety Bond (ESB) will be sent to you. Double-check that all the information is correct (your name, the obligee's name, the amount, etc.). A hard copy of your bond will be mailed to you. The last step of the bonding process is to send the bond to your obligee (the licensing board requiring the bond). 

Idaho Contractor License Bond Requirements and Regulations

Not all Idaho contractors need a contractor license bond. Whether or not an individual or business needs a license bond greatly depends on the type of work they are doing—this determines which Board they have to register with for their contracting license.


Licensing Organization 

Licensing Bond Required

Surety Bond Amount

Law Reference

Plumbing Contractors & Plumbers

Idaho State Plumbing Board



Title 54, Chapter 26

HVAC Contractors & Specialists

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Board



Title 54, Chapter 50

Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractor 

Idaho Department of Insurance



Title 41, Chapter 2

Farm Labor Contractor 

Idaho Department of Labor


$10,000 to $30,000

Title 44, Chapter 18

General Contractor

Idaho Contractors Board



Title 54, Chapter 52

Electrical Contractors & Journeyman Electricians

Idaho Division of Occupational & Professional Licenses



Title 54, Chapter 10

Public Works Contractors

Public Works Contractors License Board



Title 54, Chapter 19

Drinking Water & Wastewater Professionals

Board of Drinking Water and Wastewater Professionals



Title 54, Chapter 24


Idaho City Contractor License Bonds

Beyond Idaho State Licenses, you should also check if the city or municipality you’re working in requires a license and licensing bond. 

For example, all City of Idaho Falls contractors working on construction projects that require a building permit need a license from the Idaho Division of Building Safety. This license does not require a bond. In contrast, the City of Pocatello Contractor License requires a license bond. Working in Boise? They currently have no requirements for a municipal license or bond.

How Do I Renew My Idaho Contractor License Bond?

To renew your Idaho Contractors License Bond, wait for a notice of expiry from your surety (generally 30 - 90 days before a bond's renew-by-date). After you receive this, fill out the renewal forms (also sent by your surety) and pay your invoice. You will get a copy of the bond emailed to you a day or so after paying your invoice. You will need to submit proof of your renewal to whichever Board you are licensed with. 

See our Bond Renewal Guide for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the state of Idaho, there are currently four types of specialty contractors that need to hold a license bond to get licensed—Plumbers, HVAC Contractors, Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractors, and Farm Labor Contractors.  

While the steps to apply for any of these licensing bonds are the same, the required bond amount varies. 

No, general contractors registering with the Idaho Contractors Board are not required to hold a Contractor License Bond. 

However, depending on the type of work they are taking on, they may be legally required to get other types of Idaho surety bonds. This commonly includes construction bonds, such as bid bondsperformance bondscontract bonds, and permit bonds. Beyond these Idaho state bond requirements, various municipalities also require bonds from contractors to work in their area.

Yes, if you have bad credit you can generally still get an Idaho Contractor License Bond. 

We issue multiple licensing bonds on a daily basis to those with lower credit scores. The benefit of going with a larger surety company like JW Surety if you have credit issues is that we can offer you the best price for your bond. While your premium will still be higher than if you had good credit, it is often much more affordable than what a smaller or less established surety can offer.

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