Georgia Mortgage Broker License Guide

In the state of Georgia, mortgage brokers and lenders, who broker or make mortgage loans, need to be licensed. The licenses are regulated and issued by the GA Department of Banking and Finance - Non-Depository Financial Institutions (NDFI) Division.

The license application process is managed by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). NMLS allows mortgage brokers, lenders and loan originators apply and renew their licenses online.

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Types of Mortgage Licenses in Georgia

Georgia has three main license categories: Company, Branch, and Individual. The licenses issued under each category depend on the business you are engaged in. Generally, the mortgage licenses are subdivided into Mortgage Brokers and Processors and Mortgage Lenders.

In this guide, we’ll cover the most common license types only. You can review the full list on the NMLS website.

Most Common Company Licenses

  • Mortgage Broker/Processor License - allows soliciting, processing, and negotiating mortgage loans.
  • Mortgage Lender License - allows originating, making, servicing, and purchasing mortgage loans.


Georgia State Requirements

All GA mortgage license applications must be submitted via NMLS. You should not file your application until all requirements have been completed. Please also note that some agency-specific documentation needs to be mailed to the NDFI Division as well. Detailed information regarding license requirements can be found on the Georgia NMLS page

For assistance with the license requirements, you may contact NDFI at (770) 986-1136, (770) 986-1633, or at [email protected].

For assistance with your NMLS account or application process, please contact NMLS at (855) 665-7123.

Education and Exams

In Georgia, passing an exam is obligatory for some, but not all mortgage license types. You are not required to complete a course or pass an examination in order to obtain a Mortgage Broker/Processor or Mortgage Lender license.

GA Mortgage Broker Bonds

Bonds for Company Licenses

  • Mortgage Broker/Processor - Applicants for the Mortgage Broker/Processor License are required to post a surety bond. The amount of the bond must be $150,000.
  • Mortgage Lender - Mortgage Lender applicants must furnish a surety bond in the amount of $250,000.
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Licensing Fees

Fees for Company Licenses

NMLS-submitted fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable. The processing fee is included in the total license cost.

  • Mortgage Broker/Processor License
    • $750 total license costs.
    • $15 credit report (if required).
    • $36.26 FBI background check.
  • Mortgage Lender License
    • $1,250 total license costs.
    • $15 credit report (if required).
    • $36.26 FBI background check.
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