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What is a Health Care Clinic Surety Bond?

A Health Care Clinic Surety Bond is required by the AHCA (Agency for Health Care Administration) for nonimmigrant aliens who have a controlling interest in a health care clinic (or other health care services).

It acts as a financial guarantee that a health care clinic will operate lawfully—conforming to all state laws, federal government regulations, and all other legal requirements. In the State of Florida, this bond is required for many health care license applications, including renewal and change of ownership.

Who Needs a Health Care Clinic Surety Bond?

Nonimmigrant aliens who have a controlling interest in a health care clinic, medical equipment company, home health agency, or other medical care facilities. Generally, "nonimmigrant aliens" are tourists, students, business travelers, and temporary workers who enter the U.S. for fixed periods of time—they are lawfully admitted aliens who are not lawful permanent residents.


The Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration (the obligee) requires a health care clinic licensure to operate a Florida health care clinic. If the applicant or any controlling interests are nonimmigrant aliens, then a surety bond of at least $500,000 must be filed (according to 8 U.S.C. §1101). This bond acts as a guarantee that the individual will adhere to applicable Florida statutes.

Note that for this application, all controlling parties must pay outstanding fines, liens, or overpayments assessed by final order of the agency or final order of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Failure to do so may result in a penal sum.

Visit the AHCA for forms, more information, or to see if any licensure exemptions apply.

How Much Does a Health Care Clinic Surety Bond Cost?

A Health Care Clinic Surety Bond costs a percentage of the total bond amount (generally 1% -10%)

Continuing with the Florida surety bond example, bond requirements state that a minimum of $500,000 is needed. Therefore, the applicant will pay a flat rate of anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000. An underwriting process determines the exact bond rate based on your financial strength. Factors it takes into consideration may include credit, experience, past bond history, and financial statements to assess assets and financial losses.

Have bad credit? Note that while some commercial bonds like Permit Bonds can be secured with bad credit, other types of bonds like Performance Bonds and the Health Care Clinic Bond can be more challenging.

See “How Can I Get a Bond with Bad Credit?” to learn more.

How Do I Apply for a Health Care Clinic Surety Bond?

  1. Find reputable surety experts. Choosing the right surety company can ensure you get the right bond and that if a bond claim ever arises, you have the support you need.
  2. Apply for a Health Care Surety Bond in the amount you need. The easiest way is to apply online for a free bond quote. It takes minutes and is the best way to get bonded quickly.
  3. Sign the agreement and email or fax it back to your bond provider.
  4. Pay the invoice online.

Once everything is processed, you will receive a copy of the surety bond in an email. Additionally, the original bond will be sent to you in the mail.

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