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Now it's easy with our $100,000 Total Excess BMC-84 bond program. Freight brokering is a very competitive industry. Take advantage of this opportunity and show that you're an elite brokerage that is willing and able to go the extra mile to protect your shippers and haulers.

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  4. US Foods, Tyson Foods require brokers to have excess coverage to haul for them. Haul for the big boys with excess coverage!
  5. No membership fees ($2,000+ with others!)

Frequently Asked Questions

A freight broker surety bond is a requirement by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for freight brokers when obtaining their license. This bond helps freight brokers establish credibility in their profession and protects the motor carriers hired by the broker from the potential of fraud or failure to pay.

It is a $25,000 excess policy on top of the existing $75,000 BMC-84 surety bond for highly qualified freight brokers, which would bring you to a total of $100,000.

Pricing is a small percentage of the bond amount, which is based on your personal credit. Apply to get an instant quote.

An executed Accord Insurance Form indicating that you have a $25,000 Excess bond in addition to the $75,000 bond required by the FMCSA. You can share this with all of your shippers and haulers that you do business with. A copy of the underlying bond form is also available if needed.

It protects all of your shippers and haulers that you do business with.

No. Currently, the FMCSA only requires a $75,000 bond in their online system. This is why we have the Accord Form to prove your excess coverage. Any shipper or hauler can call our office to confirm excess coverage is in place and active. As soon as the FMCSA allows a value of $100,000 on their site, we will be happy to have your information updated.

Excess coverage for your business makes you stand out from the herd and confirms that you're an elite brokerage who provides extra protection for your shippers and haulers. This particular $25,000 excess coverage is not being offered by 99% of bonding companies out there, and it is an exclusive program with our agency and the insurer, Great American Insurance Company. Most of your competitors will not have access to this exclusive arrangement.

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