Why do you need an ARC bond?

You must obtain an ARC bond for your travel agency to guarantee payment to airline carriers. If you do not forward payments for air travel that you collect from customers to the appropriate airline, a claim can be filed on your bond.

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Yes. However, they are not the same. Travel agency bonds guarantee all of the agencies bookings, whereas ARC bonds are limited to airline bookings only. ARC bonds are required by the Airlines Reporting Corporation while travel agent bonds are required by various states. Therefore, depending on location, it is possible for a travel agency to be required to post both bond types.

Yes. We have specialty markets that most other agencies do not have access to. Fill out our ARC bond application and get a collateral free bond quote.

No. Surety bonds are not insurance and several high risk bond types such as ARC bonds do not have options for those with bad credit.

Yes. Since they guarantee the transfer of funds their risk is higher than most other miscellaneous bonds. This makes them not only harder to qualify for, but makes their terms less appealing than other surety bonds.

No. The Farm Credit Program is setup to help finance rural community projects and is not a surety bond, nor is it related to the Airlines Reporting Corporation.

Surety Bonds do not protect you

The bond is a form of insurance for your clients, which is why many businesses proudly list that they are bonded on their marketing material. However, you will be required to reimburse the bonding company should a claim be paid out.

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Fidelity Bonds protect your business

You can protect your business from employee theft and fraud by purchasing a fidelity bond. You can read more in our fidelity bond section.

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