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SBA Surety Bond Program Explained

The SBA Bond Program exists to help smaller and emerging contractors get bonded for larger jobs when they have been unsuccessful elsewhere. Please read our guide below to learn about the SBA requirements, how to apply and frequently asked questions.

What Are SBA Bonds?

“SBA bonds” refer to construction bonds (such as bid and performance bonds that are needed to bid and perform work on public construction projects), but are specifically obtained through the SBA Bond Program. These bonds ensure that you will honor the bid you submit and the work as outlined in the contract. Federal construction contracts of $150,000 or greater will require bonding.

SBA Bonding Requirements

There are several requirements that your business must meet before you can obtain bid and performance bonding. For example:

  • Your business must be classified as small (you can use the SBA’s Size Standards Tool to verify whether your business is considered small).
  • The SBA has a maximum limit of $6.5 Million per bond for most contracts and a $10 Million maximum on Federal projects.
  • Bank lines of credit are incredibly important to contractors seeking assistance through the SBA Program. The SBA considers the unused portion of your bank line as additional “cash”, which instantly boosts your working capital and allows for greater bond limits. If you are considering the benefits of SBA support, speak to us about how a newly established bank line or increasing your existing bank line can help you immediately.
  • The size of bonds you are seeking to obtain through the SBA will ultimately decide what level of accounting presentation you will have to provide us. However, all contractors must provide 12 month fiscal year end financial statement (within 90 days of the year end), 6 month financial statement and bank line verification with your bank

Please take a look at the full list of the SBA’s eligibility requirements. If you meet the requirements, you can apply with our company and get a free quote.

SBA Bond Program FAQ’s

The SBA website has an extensive list of frequently asked questions that will help you with the process of getting bonded. Whether you want to know the maximum contract size you can get bonds for, or how the underwriting criteria works, you’ll find that they answer the most common questions thoroughly.

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