Women Making a Living Behind the Wheel

February 13, 2023

Women Who Truck

Think truck driving is a man’s job? Not anymore; women are increasingly interested in this line of work. To learn why, we surveyed hundreds of truckers about what the job is like for women. Women with first-hand experience shared what makes it a great option for them, how well it pays, and how to stay safe on the road.

“The best part of being a trucker is that you’re able to become familiar with many cities and travel more than most people do in their lifetime.” — 58-year-old female trucker

  • 68% of female truckers feel safe when working, compared to 78% of male truckers.
  • 92% of male truckers believe young people should get into trucking.
  • 92% of female truckers feel respected by fellow female truckers. 
  • 74% of male truckers feel respected by female truck drivers.
  • 92% of male truckers regret getting into trucking, compared to 66% of female truckers.
  • 79% of male truckers frequently feel lonely on the road, compared to 65% of female truckers. 
  • 59% of male truckers feel fairly paid, 26% feel underpaid, and 15% feel overpaid.
  • 52% of male truckers make under $50,000, 47% make $50,000-$100,000, and 1% make over $100,000.

“One of the worst parts of being a trucker is the long hours away from home. Drivers may be away for days or even weeks at a time, which can be hard on family life. The monotony of the job and the physical demands of long hours on the road are also challenging. Additionally, the changing regulations, paperwork, and other issues can be a source of frustration.” — 38-year-old female trucker

  • Female truckers felt safest when they had a bat or club in their car (74% reported feeling safe), followed by pepper spray (72%). 
  • Pepper spray was also the most common self-defense item for male truckers (55%), followed by a bat or club (51%).
  • Only 8% of male truckers said they have never faced harassment on the job.



JW Surety Bonds surveyed 386 truck drivers about their job; 60% were female, and 40% were male. 

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