Montana Vehicle Title Bond

MontanaThe state of Montana enacted a new bill concerning the method of attaining a title for motor vehicles. The new law, which is titled HB 380, requires a surety bond to be acquired in order to attain the certificate of title for a motor vehicle should it be sold devoid of the manufacturer’s certificate of origin. The surety bond indemnifies individuals who endure damages by the issuance of a title to the vehicle’s buyer. HB 380 law was introduced on January 28th, 2009.

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lance baier

you guys are in with the insuraunce companys its a pity. way to cost people a benjamin without even askin our opinion


I purchased a mobile home recently and the owner signed over the title but did not give me a bill of sale. I went to transfer the title and found that the seller had gotten a replacement title. So now I am filing for a Bond Title and am required to get a surety bond. Can anyone explain what a surety bond is and how I can get one?


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