Nevada Contractor License Guide


Determine the Type of Contractor License You Need

A contractor’s license is required in the state of Nevada (NV) prior to bidding on any project. The Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB) issues licenses for separate trades or fields in the construction industry, classified as follows:

  • A: General engineering
  • B: General building
  • AB: General building and general engineering
  • C1: Plumbing and heating contracting
  • C2: Electrical contracting
  • C3: Carpentry, maintenance and minor repairs

A complete description of each classification can be found here.

Note: Nevada has limited reciprocal agreements for the trade exam with the states of Arizona, California, and Utah. To be considered for reciprocity, the following is required:

  • You must have been licensed in one of the participating states for at least five out of the last seven years.
  • You must have passed an equivalent exam in that state.

Access Nevada Contractor License Application Forms

Application forms can be obtained on the State Contractor board’s website, or by writing to or visiting an office of the Nevada State Contractors Board located at:

2310 Corporate Circle, Suite 200
Henderson, NV 89074

9670 Gateway Drive, Suite 100
Reno, NV 89521


Fulfill Requirements and Obtain Required Documents

  • Reference certificates: you need to submit a minimum of four notarized Reference Certificates for each trade qualifier. More detailed information can be found here.
  • Detailed resume of experience: this should include your name, current address, phone number and dates of employment for each employer, as well as a detailed description of the work performed. More information can be found here.
  • Financial statement and background disclosures
    • You must submit a financial statement for the applying entity
    • Business statements must include a classified balance sheet
    • Sole proprietorships and each general partner of a general partnership must submit their personal financial statement
    • Personal statements prepared by a Certified Public Accountant must include a supplemental schedule disclosing working capital and net worth
    • All statements must be in U.S. dollars
    • All statements must include full disclosures

More detailed information on the financial requirements can be found here.

  • Registration with the Residential Recovery Fund: you must either register with the Residential Recovery Fund and pay Residential Recovery Fund Fee or complete a certificate of exemption before you get licensed. You will receive your Exemption affidavits along with your approval letter.

Once you have passed the exam you must submit the following:

  • Proof of compliance: submit a proof of compliance with Industrial Insurance (Workers’ Compensation Insurance), or an exemption affidavit if you are not required to obtain it.

Contractor Insurance

There are several types of insurance coverages that are recommended for contractors, but the recommended coverage will vary based on your operation.

If you’d like to learn more about all of the insurance coverages available to you, please read our contractor insurance guide.


Submit Your Nevada Contractor License Application

How to fill out your application:

  • The application form obtained from the State Contractors Board offices – as well as all accompanying forms – should be filled in ink or typed.
  • The form available on the State Contractors Board’s website may be completed online and then printed. This may also be printed from the website and filled in ink or typed.

Note: Be sure to provide all the required information when filling in your application. If any of the required is missing, your application will be returned, which will delay the process.

Licensing Fees:

  • Non-refundable application processing fee: $300
  • Biennial license fee of $600 for each application (will be required after the approval of your application)
  • Examination fees depend on the type of exam held, paid directly to PSI Exams

Mailing Address:

Submit your application along with all supporting documentation to either:

Southern Nevada:
2310 Corporate Circle, Ste 200
Henderson, NV 89074

Northern Nevada:
9670 Gateway Drive, Ste 100
Reno, NV 89521


Pass Your Examination

Nevada requires each applicant to pass a general business and law or “CMS” examination, and a trade examination specific to the classification of license for which you have applied. Exams are administered by PSI Exams and exam results are provided to you immediately upon taking the exam.

Note: Once you file your application and your experience is verified you will be provided with an exam eligibility letter.

Further information concerning exams is available here.


Obtain Your Contractor License Bond

Each contractor's license issued in the State of Nevada requires a Nevada contractor license bond. The amount of the license bond will be indicated on your Application approval letter.

The amount of the bond can vary $1,000 to $500,000, which is determined by The Nevada State Contractors Board based on:

  • The type of your license
  • Monetary limit granted
  • Your financial responsibility
  • Your experience
  • Your character

Once an application is approved, applicants will receive notification regarding the amount of bond required. A surety bond or a cash deposit will be required for that amount. Nevada surety bonds must be executed on the form provided by the Board.

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