Georgia Lost Car Title Guide

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If you can’t prove ownership of your vehicle with a title or other means, you have the option of obtaining a Georgia bonded title. This method uses a surety bond as insurance for the state against a fraudulent claim of vehicle ownership. This guide walks you through the process of obtaining a bonded title in Georgia.

The Georgia Lost Title Application Process

Titling is handled by the Georgia Department of Revenue. If you have questions throughout the process, you can contact them at 855-406-5221.

Step 1: Determine if You’re Eligible for a Bonded Title

To be eligible to receive a bonded title in Georgia you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a legal resident of Georgia
  • The vehicle must require a Georgia title
  • The vehicle cannot be abandoned
  • The vehicle’s model year cannot predate 1985
  • The vehicle must be worth at least $2,500, based on the average retail value established by the Georgia Department of Revenue. You can call the number listed above for more information.

Step 2: Complete Your Vehicle Title Application Form

The application form must be completed with information on the vehicle, seller, owner, lienholder, and other relevant details.

Step 3: Obtain Your Title Bond

You’ll need to work with a bonding company to obtain a bond worth double the average retail value of your vehicle, based on the numbers established by the Georgia Department of Revenue. The bond should be accompanied by a signed and completed Georgia Motor Vehicle Title Bond Form with witnesses.

Note: Your completed application must be submitted within six months of your bond’s issue date.

Step 4: Complete the Affidavit Supporting Certificate Form

This form, available online, must be completed with the same name that was provided for the bond application form above. The signatures provided must also be notarized.

Step 5: Obtain a Vehicle Inspection

Your vehicle will need to be inspected by a Georgia law enforcement officer who will complete the certification of inspection form. If the vehicle’s plates are missing, an additional form will be required.

Step 6: Obtain a Report of the Current Title of Record

You’ll need to include a report on the current title of record and the state of issuance from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, or an equivalent system that has been authorized by the Office of the State Revenue Commissioner. If this report shows that the title of record is from another state, your application must also include a certified title history from the state of issuance.

Note: If this record shows a security interest or lien, you must also complete a notice of release form.

When you’ve compiled all of the above documents, send them along with any other documents you may have supporting your claim of ownership (for example, a bill of sale), and an $18 title fee to your local county tag office.

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