BOC-3 Form: Step-by-Step Guide

What is a BOC-3?

"BOC" stands for Blanket of Coverage, and this filing is proof of process agents in all 50 states. If you just applied for your broker authority on the Unified Registration System (URS), you should have received your temporary/pending USDOT# and MC#. In order to become authorized to operate you need two things:

Once the FMCSA has those two filings on record you’ll become authorized to operate as a broker.

How Do You File the BOC-3?

For each state in which your brokerage will be operating, you must obtain a processing agent. The role of the processing agent is to be the person who can be served papers if a claim is filed against your brokerage in that state.

Once you’ve obtained the necessary processing agents, you with need to submit a BOC-3 (Designation of Processing Agents) form both to the FMCSA and to each state in which you’ll be operating.

Let Us Handle Your BOC-3 and Bond

If you'd like to avoid potential headaches that may come along with filling out the paperwork required for your BOC-3 or surety bond, we can handle both items for you. You can let us take care of your BOC-3 filing by filling out the form below.

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Additional Requirements You Must Meet

In addition to obtaining the BOC-3, public liability insurance and your Unified Carrier Registration (UCR), you will need to get a freight broker bond (BMC-84). If you'd like to get an instant cost estimate on your bond, you can simply fill out the form below. If you're ready to apply for the bond, you can do so now and get a free quote.