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Human social services are responsible for providing the general public with a range of services to benefit their mental, physical, and overall well-being. From nursing homes to after-school youth programs - human social services can vary quite greatly and so can the risks that they are exposed to.

If an accident were to take place - without insurance, the business can be held liable and be ruled by the court to pay compensation, legal fees, medical and hospital fees, and other costs associated with the claim or lawsuit out of pocket.

Which Human Social Services Can Benefit From Insurance?

Generally speaking, every human social services business can benefit from insurance. At the end of the day - all insurance does it provide a certain level of cover in case an accident takes place and the business is sued.

Below, you can take a look at some of the human social services in the U.S. that make use of insurance the most.

After School Youth Programs

After school youth programs: dealing with children is challenging, and not paying attention for a single second might be just enough time for an accident to occur. And if the accident leads to serious bodily injuries, your after-school youth program can get sued for negligence.

In other cases, if the board of directors and officers make a decision on behalf of the after-school youth program, which isn’t in the direct interest of the organization or the participants - they can be sued.

For those reasons and many others - having your business insured is the best way to protect your business from unfortunate events and accidents that can lead to costly lawsuits and claims.

Daycare Centers

Daycare centers: taking care of children of a variety of ages every day comes with a lot of risks. And while there is a lot your daycare center can do to prevent accidents, injuries, and other unfortunate events - there are certain situations that will be out of your control.

For instance, if the property of your daycare center gets ruined due to poor weather conditions, without insurance in place - your business will have to cover all the costs associated with the repairs. That’s why having daycare center insurance is highly recommended.

Group Homes

Group homes: From property damage due to poor weather conditions to negligence that leads to one of the inhabitants of your group home consuming the wrong medication are some of the risks group home business owners face daily.

And while some accidents aren’t a concern - others can turn into lawsuits and claims that can cost the group home dearly - especially if they are not insured.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes: running a nursing home comes with a lot of risks that can get your business in financial and legal trouble. From giving one of the inhabitants the wrong medication and causing them serious bodily injuries to staff falling sick on the job and suing you - many things can go wrong.

That’s why insuring your nursing home is essential. When you have insurance, no matter what accident might take place - your business will be financially protected.

What Insurance Policies Are Relevant for Human Social Services?

There are a variety of insurance policies that human social services can take advantage of. Generally speaking, the level of cover or the type of insurance your business takes out will depend on the services your business offers, the size of your business, and the coverage you want to opt in for.

Below, you can take a better look at some of the more popular insurance policies for human social service providers in the United States.

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