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Health facilities and health practitioners are recommended to take out insurance to protect their business and staff from any lawsuits that can arise in the event of an accident at work or a professional mistake that negatively impacts a patient.

Without insurance in place - if anyone decides to sue the health facility or the health practitioner, they would have to pay out of pocket for all the legal fees and compensations awarded to the victim.

When you have insurance to cover you and your business against any accidents, the financial liabilities and the pressure on your business as a result of the lawsuit will be significantly reduced.

Which Health Facilities Can Benefit From Insurance?

Technically, every health facility in the United States can benefit from getting insurance. At the end of the day - all insurance does is provide your business with financial coverage in case a lawsuit arises in the event of an accident.

Some of the health facilities that could benefit from insurance include:

Dental Offices & Dental Labs

Dentists and dental laboratories work closely together to ensure that their patients and clients get the best dental results possible. And since the margin for error in dentistry is practically zero - in the event that a treatment doesn’t quite go to plan, the dental office or dental lab can be held liable.
With dental offices and dental labs insurance, dental practitioners and their businesses will be freed from any financial liability that may arise in case a client or a patient decides to take legal action against them.

Medical Offices

Medical offices tend to provide a wide variety of services ranging from physiotherapy to dealing with more complex cases where surgical care is necessary to improve the patient’s wellbeing and health.

And for that reason, medical offices are always recommended to take out the necessary insurance to protect themselves and their staff in case an accident happens and the medical office is sued for a professional mistake, malpractice, or allegation of negligence.

Outpatient Care Centers

Outpatient care centers provide patients with an extensive range of services, and as a result - the extent of risks one care facility can be exposed to can vastly differ from another.

Whatever the case may be, if an accident were to happen, such as a patient experiencing complications after a chemotherapy treatment, the care facility may be held liable for the bodily injuries incurred.

For that reason and more, having the necessary insurance in place - regardless of the services your care center provides will protect your staff and business from any big financial liabilities.

Diagnostic Imaging Centers

Diagnostic imaging centers are exposed to a range of risks on a daily basis. From professional mistakes, which can lead to the patient's injury to malfunctioning equipment that prevents the center from operating - these are all risks, which can cost the diagnostic imaging center dearly.

The best way to protect your diagnostic imaging center from such scenarios and unfortunate events is by taking out an adequate level of cover that shields your business from any financial liabilities that may arise in the event of an accident.

Dialysis Centers

Dialysis centers are often exposed to a lot of risks that can get them in all sorts of costly legal trouble. From staff falling sick or getting injured at the workplace to complications with patient treatments, these are some of the most common risks dialysis centers face daily.

With an adequate level of cover, dialysis centers can be financially protected no matter what accident might take place and the outcome of the lawsuit.

Health & Allied Services

Health and allied service providers face a range of risks that can get them into legal trouble. These can range from dental practices providing treatment to a patient that does more harm than good to pharmacists giving out the wrong prescription.

Having the right health and allied services insurance in place will protect your business and staff from financial liabilities that can arise in the event of a lawsuit or a claim.

What Insurance Policies Are Relevant for Health Facilities?

Health facilities can take advantage of a wide variety of insurance policies. The level of insurance coverage your medical business needs will depend on a number of factors including the size of your business, the service you provide, the number of employees you have, the state law, and more.

For a more detailed overview of the exact insurance policies the average health facility in the United States takes out - continue reading below.

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