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If a client has an issue with a renovation or how the service was delivered they may decide to file a claim for unsatisfactory work. This can result in unforeseen expenses and costs associated with redoing the work, compensation, and in some cases - legal fees.

Having interior designer business insurance will safeguard your interior design business, your clients, and your staff from mistakes, property damage, injuries, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Why Do Interior Designers Need Insurance?

Interior design companies are responsible for designing the interior within residential and commercial properties and bringing them back to life.

Though it is uncommon for an interior designed to suffer from bodily injuries, if the client has unique requirements such as decorating the ceiling, the interior designer will face the risk of falling off a ladder.

In other instances, if the interior designer fails to meet a deadline or the work completed isn’t satisfactory, then they may face a claim, lawsuit, or be asked to do it again, which will cost them money.

By having insurance for interior designers, the interior designer and their company can be protected from any possible claims, lawsuits, or financial losses that may arise.

What Types of Insurance Do Interior Designers Need?

Interior designers are recommended to take out various types of policies depending on the size of their business, the clients they deal with, the number of cars and employees the business has, and more.

Please take a look below for a more detailed overview of the most recommended business insurance policies for interior designers.

How Much Does Interior Designer Business Insurance Cost?

The overall cost of interior designed insurance will depend on the size of your company and the level of coverage you take out. The average interior designer in the United States takes out professional liability insurance, which costs them around $55 per month or $650 per year.

This policy, which is also known as errors and omissions insurance, keeps you protected and covered in the event of a client suing you for providing unsatisfactory, delayed, or never delivered work.

Generally, liability insurance, on the other hand, is only $40 per month or $500 annually. This policy provides interior designers with protection in the event of any third-party bodily injuries, damaged client property, and advertising injuries.

For an average of $40 per month or $500 per year, interior designers also take out a business owner’s policy. This BOP policy combines both property and general liability insurance into one.

Finally, worker's compensation insurance is less than $40 per month or $475 annually. Worker's compensation insurance is required in almost every state for those firms that have employees. This policy helps cover medical expenses and lost wages for employees who are injured on the job.

Typical Interior Design Insurance Claims

Generally speaking, interior designers most commonly make claims regarding bodily injuries as a result of an accident, damage to customer property, and in more rare cases, lawsuits resulting from negligence or unsatisfactory work.

Whatever trouble your interior design business might get into, having business insurance in place will safeguard you and your interior design firm from having to pay out of pocket for any potential accidents that may occur.

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