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When it comes to the removal of snow and ice, contractors in the industry can face a series of challenges and risks that can lead to injuries, property damage, and more. As a result of those, the contractor can be sued and required to pay a large sum in settlement and legal fees.

When you have snow and ice removal insurance, however, your business, staff, and clients will be fully covered no matter the accident at hand.

Why Do Snow Removal Contractors Need Insurance?

Being a snow and ice removal contractor means working and driving in cold and dangerous weather conditions. Having insurance will safeguard your business against any lawsuits and claims that may arise as a result of an accident or an injury as the insurance company will cover any costs associated with the problem at hand.

For example, if the snow removal contractor suffers from an injury as a result of a vehicle accident when driving in dangerous weather conditions, the insurance policy will cover their medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and more.

Additionally, if a snow removal contractor accidentally damages a client's property or a parked car, having an insurance policy will cover the reimbursement costs.

What Types of Insurance Do Snow Removal Contractors Need?

Snow and ice removal contractors can benefit from various different types of insurance policies.

The level of cover you should get will depend on the number of employees and company cars you have, the value of your tools and equipment, the state you operate out of, and more.

For a more detailed overview of the most recommended insurance policies for snow removal contractors, please take a look below.

How Much Does Insurance Cost For Snow Removal Contractors?

The premium you can expect to pay for snow and ice removal insurance will be factored by the level of cover you get, how big your company is, and more.

Generally speaking, general liability insurance for snow removal contractors averages at less than $70 per month which amounts to $825 annually. This type of insurance policy will protect you and your company in the case of bodily injuries, property damage, and advertising injuries which have the potential to lead to large and financially devastating lawsuits.

If you employ staff, you will most likely pay around $275 per month or $3295 a year for worker’s compensation insurance. As your employees face risks on a daily basis, by having workers' compensation insurance, they will be protected in the event of an accident. The insurance will cover any lost wages, their medical bills, and more.

Owning vehicles means there is a potential that they could get stolen or get into an accident. Having commercial auto insurance will safeguard your company's vehicles, staff, and any other third-party involved for only $150 per month or $1830 annually.

For contractor's tools and equipment insurance, you can expect to pay less than $15 per month, which will add to a total of $170. Such a policy will cover your business in case any of your expensive equipment gets damaged, lost, or stolen.

And finally, for professional liability insurance, you can expect to pay a premium of around $85 per month. This policy is also known as errors and omissions, which can protect snow and ice removal contractors from client-related claims regarding unsatisfactory work, property damage, negligence, and more.

Typical Snow Ice Removal Insurance Claims

The large majority of snow ice removal insurance claims are related to bodily injuries that result from slipping while cleaning the snow or ice from your customer’s property. In other cases, bodily injury claims are also made as a result of the misuse of tools and equipment.

Insurance companies also receive claims for customer property damage, which is very common. It’s easy to damage a parked vehicle or a building nearby the site the contractor is working on.

In more rare cases, claims are made related to vehicular accidents and payment disputes with clients who don’t believe the work is done up to standard.

Whatever the case may be, having the appropriate insurance policy in place will protect your company from having to pay out of pocket for any accidents that may occur.

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