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Fidelity Bond Applications

The type of coverage you want will determine which application you need to fill out. Please choose an option below. If you're unsure of which bond type you need, please call us at 888-592-6631 for assistance.

Business Service Bond Application

Apply for a business service bond to protect your customers from property loss caused by your employees.

Business Services

Employee Dishonesty Bond Applications

Get an employee dishonesty bond for protection from your own employee's dishonest acts including embezzlement, theft and burglary.

If a bond is needed for a financial institution, please select the corresponding application below.

Employee Dishonesty Financial Institutions

ERISA Bond Application

Fill out an application for an ERISA bond to protect beneficiaries of employee benefit plans from fraudulent fiduciaries.


Annie Carter (Fri, 22 Feb 2013 22:39:47 -0500): I am confused at which would be the best bond for me. I would like to be able to provide my cleaning services to anyone including banks, homes ect. which bond is the best for me?Stephanie K. Sharp Andrews (Fri, 22 Feb 2013 23:07:28 -0500): Tony said he thinks u need both for what u want to do..but to n sure callStephanie K. Sharp Andrews (Fri, 22 Feb 2013 23:08:18 -0500): Tony said he thinks u need both for what u want to doAnnie Carter (Fri, 22 Feb 2013 23:20:14 -0500): I will tm I don't know how this posted on here I wasn't even on Facebook ! WeirdStephanie K. Sharp Andrews (Sat, 23 Feb 2013 01:30:41 -0500): Well when we got on the site I couldnt get out!Cathy Salors Brown (Tue, 12 Mar 2013 09:44:08 -0400): Rich's Trucking purchased a freight broker bond last year...debited out of checking account but never received any paperwork. How can I find out if it is still in effect and the details.Moses Edwards (Mon, 25 Mar 2013 13:33:35 -0400): I need one for a small security company! which is better? Can somebody help me I'm a small bussiness beginner!Krysanya D. Jay Watson (Tue, 26 Mar 2013 21:14:17 -0400): it is a one year bond Jonathan Scott Clack (Sat, 15 Jun 2013 19:13:21 -0400): I am getting a surety bond for my trailer it has no title secratary of state is telling me to get one for my trailer camper its worth 1000 dollars I need a surety bond for double how much is this going to cost?Jonathan Scott Clack (Sat, 15 Jun 2013 19:13:44 -0400): its a travel trailer.Singer's Jewelers (Wed, 07 Aug 2013 17:04:31 -0400): What kind of bond is required for a jewelry sales rep?Tommy Sands (Sun, 16 Feb 2014 21:15:51 -0500): I want to do in home care do I need to be insured and bondedJW Surety Bonds (Mon, 17 Feb 2014 12:23:35 -0500): Tommy, Surety bonds are only purchased if required by another entitiy. You will need to verify with your state if a surety bond is required for the type of work you plan to do. If you are interested in a product that will protect clients from dishonest acts such as theft, we offer a fidelity bond for this purpose. You can apply on our website for a fidelity bond and receive an instant quote here: http://www.jwsuretybonds.com/fidelity-bonds/applications/ Please let us know if you need further assistance. Hilary Garin (Tue, 25 Mar 2014 16:52:26 -0400): I want to do in home and private care for animals how much is it to get a licenens and to be bonded in tucson arizona?JW Surety Bonds (Wed, 26 Mar 2014 10:16:25 -0400): Hilary, Thank you for contacting us. I am not aware of a surety bond requirement for the work you plan to do but it is best to contact the state directly for all licensing requirements. You may be interested in a fidelity bond which protects your clients in the event of employee dishonesty such as theft. You can apply for a fidelity bond on our website and receive an instant quote at: http://www.jwsuretybonds.com/fidelity-bonds/applications/ Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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