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Our company was established in 2003 and grew to become the #1 volume bonding company in the country
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    We are the nation's largest volume bond producer.
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    Fastest online surety bond application process; we approve bonds instantly.
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    Our high volume allows us to negotiate lower rates on your behalf.
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    Your JW surety bond agent will be your claims advocate when you need them most.

Why JW Surety Bonds?

About JW Surety Bonds

We are a family owned and operated agency established in 2003. We started with just two people and grew to become the largest volume bond producer in the nation. Since day one, our team focus has been on providing our clients low rates, an easy process, and the best in customer service.

Why Choose JW?

Working with JW Surety, you get the friendly customer service feel of a small company with the advantages of the highest volume bond writer in the country.

Today, we write more bonds than anyone in the country, but we never forget what got us here...providing the lowest rates and easiest process in the industry.

How We Give Back

Charity Events

Throughout the year we take part in a variety of charitable events. From supporting our veterans and families of fallen heroes to raising funds to mentor at-risk youth, we give back and have fun doing so!

Industry Tools

Bonding Company Comparison

Interested in seeing the stability of surety markets and how they perform? Check out our surety comparison tools to see the financial history of the top sureties.

Pro Rate Calculator

Trying to calculate the premium for a short or long term policy? Our pro-rate calculator can help you do the math.

Meet The Team
  • JD Weisbrot
    JD Weisbrot
  • Brian Heffintrayer
    Brian Heffintrayer
    Commercial CSR
  • Christie Devine
    Christie Devine
    Contract Issuer
  • Cori Keeler
    Cori Keeler
    Renewal Manager
  • Craig Hemler
    Craig Hemler
    Claims Manager & Lead Generation
  • Dottie Guy
    Dottie Guy
  • Eric Weisbrot
    Eric Weisbrot
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Fred Bittenmaster
    Fred Bittenmaster
    Accounting Manager
  • Gabrielle Liberatore
    Gabrielle Liberatore
    Sales Executive
  • Joanna Wolf
    Joanna Wolf
    Renewal CSR
  • Julie Ullom
    Julie Ullom
    Renewal CSR
  • Lisa Grimsley
    Lisa Grimsley
    Commercial Issuance Manager
  • Marcia Gribble
    Marcia Gribble
    Renewal CSR
  • Matt Gerdes
    Matt Gerdes
    Commercial Agent
  • Melissa McDade
    Melissa McDade
    Commercial Manager
  • Michael Weisbrot
    Michael Weisbrot
    Vice President
  • Nicole Mackwish
    Nicole Mackwish
    Commercial Agent
  • Patsy Tinsman
    Patsy Tinsman
    Contract Agent & Office Manager
  • Reagan Hilliard
    Reagan Hilliard
    Renewal Assistant Manager
  • Rick Bredow
    Rick Bredow
    Commercial Vice President
  • Samantha Lehman
    Samantha Lehman
    Renewal CSR
  • Sandy Miller
    Sandy Miller
    Software Quality Assurance
  • Scott Breffitt
    Scott Breffitt
    Renewal CSR
  • Steve Varga
    Steve Varga
    Commercial Agent
  • Tracy Konopka
    Tracy Konopka
    Contract Issuer

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