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How to Get Your Surety Bond

Surety bond process: how to get started

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Woman The government told me I need a bond to open my business, but I don't know where to start.
JW Don't worry, most are unfamiliar with surety bonding. Let me tell you what steps to take and provide an overview of the process.
Woman That'd be great!
JW We first need to determine what type of bond you need. You said that it is a bond required by the government to open your business. This tells me that it is not a bond for a specific job or contract, and it's not a bond required by the courts. That means you are in need of a license and permit bond or miscellaneous commercial surety bond. Now that you know that, you can get an instant quote on our website.
Woman Excellent! What is the remaining process after I receive a quote?
JW It's easy. From there, you simply pay online, sign the bonding company's indemnity agreement, and you'll receive your bond.
Woman That sounds pretty straightforward, but can you tell me what an indemnity agreement is?
JW I'm glad you asked. It's important that you realize the bond does not protect you at all and claims can cost you big time!
Woman Are you serious?!?
JW Yes I am, but you'll need to join me on our videos "What Are Surety Bonds?" and "Why You Need To Avoid Claims At All Costs" for more information.