Oregon Collection Agency License Guide

In Oregon, any entity soliciting and/or collecting owed or due debt must obtain a Collection Agency license/registration. A license/registration is also required of entities who furnish or sell collection system forms, and/or use a fictitious name to collect their own debt.


The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation (DFR) supervises and registers Collection Agencies. The Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) handles the Collection Agency licensing process for companies and individuals. All new license applications and license renewals must be submitted online via NMLS.


The OR Collection Agency application forms are available on the Oregon NMLS page . If you are interested in engaging in the business of collecting claims, complete the following forms:


  • Collection Agency form available here .

    • Collection Agency Branch Registration form available here .

Collection Agency License is required prior to obtaining a Branch license.

Note: Document links are updated regularly and may have expired. If you are not able to access the links, go directly to the OR NMLS page to find the application form you need.


Fulfill Requirements and Obtain Required Documents

  • Company Form (MU1) : When applying through NMLS, the Company Form serves as the application for the Collection Agency License. Information required on this form includes:


  • Other Trade Name : List any names (different from the legal name) that the company operates under. Companies operating under a different trade name are required to upload relevant documentation showing that the name is authorized and registered with the OR Secretary of State.

  • Resident/Registered Agent : List the company’s registered agent under this section.

  • Primary Contact Employees : Provide information about the Primary Company Contact and the Primary Consumer Complaint Contact.

  • Bank Account : Applicants must provide complete information on the company’s Operating and Trust accounts.

  • Disclosure Questions : For each “yes” answer, provide an explanation and applicable documentation.

  • Control Person (MU2) Attestation : The completed individual form (MU2) must be attested by the control person before submitting it with the Company Form (MU1).

  • Credit Report : Control individuals must authorize a credit report on NMLS. Before filing the license request, an Identity Verification Process must be completed by the individuals in control.

  • Business Plan : Submit your business plan and include the following: products, target markets, fee schedule, marketing strategies, and operating structure.

  • Relevant Documentation:

    • OR Certificate of Authority or OR Certificate of Good Standing

    • Management Chart

    • Organizational Chart or Description

  • Company Staffing and Internal Policies : Provide information on staff and organizational procedures and policies. Include a list of the company’s solicitors and/or collectors.

  • Formation Documents : Submit State certified copies of applicable documentation, including all subsequent amendments:

    • Corp: Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Shareholder Agreement, Corporate Resolution, and/or IRS Form 2553

    • Not for Profit Corp: IRS 501(c)(3) designation letter, State taxing/attorney statement, or Certificate of Incorporation

    • Trust (Statutory): Certificate of Trust and Governing instrument

    • LLC: Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, LLC Resolution, IRS Form 8832, and/or IRS Form 2553

    • Limited (Liability) Partnership: Certificate of Limited Liability Partnership and Partnership Agreement

    • General Partnership: Partnership Agreement

    • Unincorporated Association: Bylaws or Constitution

  • Trust Account Authorization : If the you do not have a head office in Oregon, you are required to upload a Request for Waiver .

For more information regarding the above mentioned forms, visit the “Quick Guides” page .


Obtain Your OR Collection Agency Bond

All Collection Agency license/registration applicants are required to upload a surety bond. The bond must be furnished and submitted by an authorized surety company. The amount of the bond depends on whether the company is located within Oregon.


Note: In Oregon, managing your license through NMLS means that you are required to manage your surety bond using a fully electronic process.

  • Bond Amount:

    • $10,000 surety bond for applicants located in the state

    • $15,000 surety bond for applicants located out-of-state, who have no location or Trust account in OR, and have submitted a Request for Waiver form.

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License Fees

All fees submitted through NMLS are non-refundable and non-transferable.


  • OR Application Fee : $350

  • Credit Report : $15


Submit Your Collection Agency License Application

All license applications and required documentation must be submitted online through NMLS .


For any questions regarding NMLS, contact their call center at (855) 665-7123.

For information regarding the requirements and licensing process, contact the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation at [email protected] or (503) 378-4140.

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