Mississippi Contractor License Guide

In the state of Mississippi, the Mississippi Insurance Department is responsible for the issuance of manufactured housing contractor licenses. Specialty contractor licenses such as roofing, building, landscape, etc. are issued at the municipal level and are subject to the regulations, requirements and fees passed by individual cities.


Determine the Type of Contractor License You Need

  • Manufactured Housing Contractors: install, transport, or repair factory-made homes. There are several types of business and individual manufactured housing contractors, including, but not limited to:
  • Modular Home Contractor - residential building contractor or licensed retailer of manufactured homes.
  • Independent Contractor Installer - installation, anchoring and blocking of manufactured homes.
  • Temporary Independent Contractor Installer - installation, anchoring and blocking of manufactured homes for a period of 30 days.

For a full list of manufactured housing license types, visit the Mississippi Insurance Department website.

Note: Reciprocity agreements are considered on a case by case basis.

  • Specialty contractors: duties may include electrical, plumbing, roofing, landscape, home improvement, and more tasks. Please visit your municipality’s website for more information on specialty contractor licenses.

Access Mississippi License Application Forms

You can find manufactured housing contractor license applications on the Mississippi Department of Insurance website.

Note: Specialty contractor licenses will need to be obtained directly through the municipality in which you will be working. To find applications and information, please visit your city’s website or call your city hall.


Fulfill Requirements and Obtain Required Documents

Manufactured Housing Contractor License:

Note: Depending on the type of manufactured housing contractor license you are applying for, requirements and required documents may vary slightly. The following requirements and documents may be part of your application process:

  • Provide a General Commercial Liability Policy in the amount of $1,000,000 in coverage if applying for a modular home contractor license, and $100,000 if applying for an independent contractor license.
  • Provide a copy of your factory-built retailer or residential building contractor license.
  • Provide 2 professional references who can vouch for your work ethic and capabilities, who are not related to you.
  • Provide the names, social security numbers, addresses and telephone numbers of the personnel who will work under this license. Also provide each person’s education and qualifications, as well as your business entity’s organizational structure.
  • If applying for an Independent Contractor License and you contract manufacturers, retailers or developers, you must submit the contracts signed with those individuals.

Specialty Contractor License:

Specialty contractor licenses are acquired on a municipal level. Visit your municipality’s website for more information on individual cities’ requirements and required documents.


Obtain Your Contractor License Bond

In the state of Mississippi, you are required to obtain a Mississippi contractor license bond in the amount of $25,000 per licensed facility or a minimum of $50,000 for more than 3 facilities, in order to obtain a manufactured housing contractor license.

You may be required to obtain a surety bond on a municipal level if you are applying for a specialty contractor license. Visit your municipal or insurance provider website for more details.

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Submit Your Mississippi Contractor License Application

How to fill out your application:

Applications should be verified by oath in the presence of a Notary.

Licensing/Application Fees:

Fees vary per industry and may not include municipal fees.

Manufactured Housing contractor license:

Note: Payments can be made by check or money order payable to State Fire Marshal’s Office.

  • Modular Home Contractor - $150 license application fee
  • Installer/Transporter - $100 license application fee
  • Temporary Installer/Transporter - $100 license application fee

Specialty contractor license: varies by municipality.

Mailing Address:

Mississippi State Fire Marshal
P. O. Box 79
Jackson, MS 39205-0079

Note: Manufactured Housing Contractor Licenses are issued on July 1 and expire the following June 30th.



Pass Your Examination

Some specialty contractor licenses may require you to fulfill certain examination requirements. For more information, visit your municipal website or city hall.

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