Connecticut Collection Agency License Guide

In the state of Connecticut, people engaged in the business of collecting or receiving payment for others need to first obtain a Consumer Collection Agency License.

Licensing is regulated and supervised by the Connecticut Department of Banking (DOB).

New license applications are processed by the Multistate Licensing System (NMLS). If your company has already obtained another type of license through the NMLS (e.g. Debt Negotiation License), the application process boils down to completing online the MU1, MU2, and MU3 forms (if applicable), and then mailing in the relevant jurisdiction-specific documents.


You can access application forms on the Connecticut NMLS page. There are several different CT company, branch, and individual licenses. If you’re interested in operating as a collection agency, the following are the forms you should complete and submit:

  • Consumer Collection Agency License application form available here.
    • Consumer Collection Agency Branch application License form available here.

Consumer Collection Agency License is required prior to obtaining a Branch license.

Note: Document links may have expired as they are updated regularly. If you find issues, go directly to the Connecticut NMLS page to find the application you need.


Fulfill Requirements and Obtain Required Documents

  • Certificate of Authority: You must be registered with the CT Secretary of State. However, you don’t need to provide proof of the registration, as it will be confirmed by the DOB when you apply for a license.
  • Company Form (MU1): When registering through the NMLS, this form serves as the application for the Collection Agency License.
    • Other Trade Name: Include any trade names you wish to use. It’s the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all names have been registered with the relevant local (municipality) or government agency.
    • Resident/Registered Agent: The information in this section must match the most recent Connecticut Secretary of the State records.
    • Bank Account: Include the company’s operating and trust accounts.
    • Qualifying Individual: List an individual who is a ‘control person’ for the company. The same person should also complete the MU2 form.
    • Disclosure Questions: Provide an explanation and upload the relevant documents for any “yes” responses in this section.
    • Business Plan: Include a business plan that is complete with marketing strategies, products, target markets, a fee schedule, and operating structure.
    • Relevant Documents:
      • copies of form letters to be used in the collection of payments
      • sample client agreement
      • sample contract to be used with the creditor to whom child support is owed (only if you intend to collect child support)
    • Formation Document: Upload a copy of one of the applicable documents, including all subsequent amendments:
      • Corp: certified copy of the corporate charter or articles of incorporation
      • LLC: articles of organization and operating agreement
      • PTR: partnership agreement
    • Management Chart: include a chart explaining the agency’s structure and management roles, complete with individual names and titles.
  • Financial Statements: Upload an unaudited financial statement, including balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flow, and all other relevant documents. Note that the financial statement must be uploaded separately (See the Financial Statement Quick Guide for more info).
  • (Attached) Supplemental Disclosure Question: Answer the additional disclosure questions about receivership and assignment for the benefit of creditors. You will also need to mail all associated documents to the DOB.
  • (Attached) Statement of Acknowledgement: If you plan to engage only in debt buying, download and complete the statement of acknowledgement form and mail it to the DOB.

Additional info about the forms highlighted above is available in the “Quick Guides” page.


Obtain Your CT Collection Agency Bond

Applicants must submit a company bond furnished by a surety company. The full legal name or “Other Trade Name” who is insured must exactly match the name used in the MU1 form. You’ll also need to mail the signed surety bond to the DOB.

  • Bond Amount: $25,000
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License Fees

All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • CT Licensing Fee: $400
  • CT Investigation Fee: $100

Submit Your Collection Agency License Application

Online applications forms must be submitted online through the NMLS, while other jurisdiction-specific requirements (marked as attached) must be mailed to the DOB within 5 business days of your electronic NMLS submission.

Mailing Address:

Connecticut Department of Banking
Consumer Credit
260 Constitution Plaza
Hartford, CT 06103-1800

If you have questions related to the NMLS application process, contact their call center at (855) 665-7123.

For questions directed to the DOB staff, contact them at (860) 240-8200, or toll-free at (800) 831-7225.

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