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How To Get Your Contractor License

Become A Licensed Contractor
Man I want to get my contractors license. Can you tell me what to do?
JW Absolutely! I can help you get licensed in any city, state, or municipality. Just choose where you would like to obtain your contractor's license by using the dropdown tool below this video. Once you do that, you will be given steps on how to get the license you need. Remember to add this page to your favorites so you can have the instructions handy.
Man Sounds simple! Can you give me an overview of the process?
JW No problem. First, you need to obtain a license application from where you intend to work. Next, you need to apply for the bond required for what services you intend to offer. You will be provided a license packet with details on all current requirements when you obtain your application. Usually, one of the requirements is a contractors license bond. By applying for the bond with JW Surety, you will be approved instantly online rather than the several business days it takes with other agencies. Once you have your bond in hand, you can send it in with the completed license application.
Man That sounds easy enough, but there's one problem. I have bad credit. Will I be able to get a bond?
JW Yes! We have high risk markets for contractor license bonds and you will still be approved directly on our website.
Man Why am I required to post a bond?
JW The bond protects the public should you fall out of compliance with the license. Some bonds even guarantee performance and payment. Think of it as insurance for your customers, not for you.
Man It doesn't insure me?!?
JW Nope, sorry. Bonds aren't in place to protect you, which is why you'll want to watch our videos "Does Surety Bond Insurance Protect Me?" and "Why You Need To Avoid Claims At All Costs".
Man I'll do that, but first I'm going to go get my license application and apply for my bond!
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