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Transcript: Obtain A Car Dealer License

Man: I want to get a used car dealer license, but I don't know where to start. Can you tell me how to get a dealers license?

JW: I have all the information you need! Below this video, you can select the state where you would like to get an auto dealers license. It will provide you detailed instructions on how to obtain that specific dealer license. I recommend you bookmark this page for future reference.

Man: Great! Can you give me an idea of how long the process takes?

JW: Absolutely. There are 3 steps to the licensing process. First, you need to obtain an application from the state department. Next you'll need to obtain a surety bond. Most bond agencies take about 1-3 days to underwrite and approve your bond, where our agency will approve you instantly on our website. Once you have your dealership license application and bond in hand, you'll need to submit both to the state. From there, it is usually several weeks prior to obtaining your license.

Man: I have bad credit. Will I still be able to get a bond?

JW: Absolutely! As the largest bond agency in the US, we have high risk markets available for auto dealer bonds and can get you approved regardless of your credit issues.

Man: Why do I need an auto dealer bond to get my license?

JW: Whether you're getting a retail or wholesale dealer license, the bond is in place to protect the public in the event you do not follow the rules of the state.

Man: Ok, so it is insurance for my clients.

JW: That's right!

Man: That makes sense. Do you have any advice on how I can get the lowest rate on my bond?

JW: You bet! Be sure to watch our next videos "Bad Credit Bonds: Money Saving Tips" and "How To Get The Lowest Rate On Your License Bond".

Man: Great! I'll watch them both then take 5 minutes to fill out your online bond application.

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