Why Partner with Developer Bond Specialists?

Many companies don’t handle subdivision bonds, and though subdivision bonds are a niche product, our company specializes in writing them. There are a few other reasons why you should partner with us for your subdivision bond needs.

Expert Claims Handling

Our company boasts a team of claims experts who are on stand-by to ensure illegitimate claims aren’t paid, and legitimate ones are resolved with reduced or no pay out when feasible. Bond agencies aren’t usually involved in the claims process, and some don’t understand bonds well enough to properly defend their clients from claims. Other companies are simply too small to provide the proper resources to get involved with claims. If you partner with our company, you can rest assured you’ll have the best claim specialists in the industry fighting on your behalf.

Best Markets in the Industry

As stated above, subdivision bonds are a niche product that most companies stay away from. However, our company has access to the top sureties who do in fact write subdivision bonds, all of which have an intimate understanding of what risk they present and how to adequately underwrite them.

In-House Underwriting

Our company is the nation’s largest volume producing MGU, and we work with thousands of insurance brokers that are unable to get their clients’ bonds approved without our specialty bond programs and rates. If you partner with another company, it’s very possible that the company won’t handle subdivision bonds at all due to the fact that it’s a niche product. If you do find another company that handles them, it may result in your applications being submitted to us, but with an unnecessary middle-man involved.

Also, most agencies have to provide your bond request to a carrier side underwriter, which slows the process immensely. When you partner with our company, it means you’re in direct contact with the decision maker for the approval of your bond.

If you’re ready to partner with a true subdivision bond specialist, please request a consultation.

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