Two Approaches to Selling Cars

emilio labrador / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Troy Harrison shares his experience in the auto dealership business, outlining two main approaches of the car salesman.

The so-called “desk dance” is used by many dealerships in the closing part of the deal. Whenever the customer is ready to buy, the salesman makes the excuse that he has to talk to his manager. According to Harrison, this is an insult to the customer’s intelligence. It means that either the salesman is not properly informed, thus not a real professional, or is lying, as there is no way he does not know the price of the vehicle.

Harrison makes a comparison with another approach to selling he has experienced as well. The salesman agrees on a tentative price with his manager in advance and does not make such excuses in front of the customer. Then the customer has much more trust in the salesman, thus this kind of selling is based on mutual respect. Harrison definitely recommends sticking to this way and avoiding the “desk dance.”

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