Top 3 California Contractor’s License Schools

We believe that entrepreneurial spirit should be encouraged, especially in a field like construction. If you have plans to get licensed as a contractor in California, it’s great to have some assistance in the cumbersome process. We have created a step by step guide to help you obtain your California contractor’s license with ease.

Passing a license exam is one of the major steps in getting a California contractor’s license from the Contractors State License Board in one of the 43 available contractor classifications. Although the exam is not rocket science, it still might be an obstacle if you don’t prepare properly.

That’s why we recommend taking a look at these five California contractor’s license schools that have a proven track record in assisting future contractors. Any of these will surely help you prepare confidently for the exam. Below, we’ve reviewed their main strengths and price ranges to make your choice easier:


License Instruction Schools: Contractors School


License Instruction Schools website

The License Instruction Schools were established in 1982 and claim to be the largest contractors licensing school in the U.S. The number of contractors they have prepared for the license exams are well in the thousands. They offer courses for all 43 contractor classifications, as well as for the General Engineering, General Building and the Law and Business exam.

When you sign up, you will receive a manual and a CD, which you can use to study on your own time. The course takes place in the two days prior to the exam, eight hours each day. Tuition is only $495 for most classifications except Roofing and Swimming Pools.


Contractors Intelligence School


Contractors Intelligence School

The Contractors Intelligence School offers three options for license courses in California. You can choose in-class preparation, home study or online practice exams. With the first option, you receive study materials in advance and then attend the 2-day course just before the exam. The home study version means you get materials to prepare by yourself, including manuals, practice exams and CDs or DVDs. The online option gives you 90-day access to online practice exams.

The price of the in-class preparation courses starts at $395. Home study costs $195. The online practice exams’ prices vary depending on the classification field. The school offers a trade-only course starting at $235.


California Contractor School Online


California Contractor School Online

The California Contractor School Online is another great option for your California contractor’s license exam course. It offers manuals and online tests in all of the contractor classifications for the state. Like with other online schools, success depends on your own diligence in taking the online tests and preparing with online manuals.

Access to the Business, Law and Management Online Practice Test for three months costs $85. The California Business, Law and Management Manual’s price is $114.


Once you have chosen the best license school for your needs, getting a California contractor’s license bond will be the next licensing requirement on the list. You can apply online with JW Surety Bonds to get an instant quote for your license bond, saving you time and money in the process.


Charles Gunn

That intelligence school has only been around for a few years. What is your criteria to base it as a top 5 school?

Eric Weisbrot

Hey R.,

I can assure you we're not being paid for this article, as it was written based on internal research. Could you provide the source of these bad reviews? We always want to make sure we're posting up to date and accurate info.



thank you for replying to this, I do hope your ethics or integrity isn't blinded by money.


Bad review good review does not matter. It comes down to the individual, and how well they study PERIOD. Every one of these programs have access to the material you need, but if you don't study you will fail as with anything else. If you have the five years experience you can get the materials yourself and will not have a problem. If you Study nobody is going to give you the answers.


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