Outlook 2014: Auto dealerships retool operations to create a better buying experience


After a good 2013 for the auto industry, in 2014 car dealers are looking for new ways to make their showrooms and service attractive for customers. 15 million new cars were sold last year, and the predictions for 2014 are set at 16 million. How will this be possible? 

With an improving economic situation, more people can afford to get a new car. Many businesses need company cars and trucks as well. 

Auto dealers are also creating new conditions for shopping. The Tommy Car Auto Group in Northampton, for example, has just gotten two modern buildings for their showroom. They have taken an interesting approach by putting different brands side by side. The aim is to offer a convenient shopping experience for customers, so that they not only enter the dealership, but make a purchase. 

All these conditions are laying the foundation for a successful 2014 ahead for the auto dealership business. 

Read the source article at masslive.com

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