Number of Women in Construction Stays Unchanged for Three Decades

Women in construction
A report by the National Women’s Law Center reveals that the number of women employed in the construction industry in the U.S. has not changed much for the last thirty years.

Women currently comprise just 2.6% of the industry’s workforce. Out of the 206,000 women employed in construction, 2% are Caucasian, while just 0.4 %t of them are Hispanic. The share of African-American women is 0.2%.

There are close to 1.4 million carpenters in the U.S. and around 727,000 supervisors of construction and extraction workers, but women make up just 1% and 1.5 % of them, respectively. But what’s worst is that women “seem to be in office positions rather than working in the field as skilled and unskilled labor where wages are higher.”

Some other interesting findings of the report are that the women earn less than men. They are less likely to complete their apprenticeships as well as “other ‘dirty and dangerous’ jobs have shown much higher rates of growth for women workers than construction, including law enforcement, corrections, firefighting, and meat cutting.”

Read the full article in Fine Homebuilding.

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