Nevada Public Notary Bond

NevadaNotaries are affected by a new Nevada State law referred to as SB 92. The new law allows the Secretary of State to appoint notaries public for electronic documents. The electronic notaries will be subject to the present surety bond requirement required of notaries of paper documents. The law requires a surety bond in the amount of $10,000. In addition to the specifications for the surety bond and the surety company provided in present law, the surety bond also must guarantee cooperation with SB 92’s requirements relating to the appointment requirements for an electronic notary and the notarization of electronic documents. SB 92 became active upon enactment.

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Darren Chaker

Bonding is important and am happy to see JW provides both bonding and E&O insurance in Nevada.



We are a surety bond only agency, but we can definitely handle bonds in Nevada!


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