NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK – Build a Team for Mutual Benefit

Are you trying to make a go of being a Freight-Broker on your own, no help, no network?  Good luck with that approach.  You need a network of colleagues to share information and leverage one another’s skills and contacts.  You might consider your network… your Broker buddies.

A broker buddy is basically an agreement among similar home-based brokers that you should not work alone in the beginning or even if you’re a seasoned professional with a few years under your belt.  Why? Being a successful broker is not easy, but for those who try to do it completely alone, you will never make it.

Moving freight is about networking with others similar to your business setup. A person who wants to move freight and a lot of it, then you must have some freight broker buddy’s working with you. The more connections you have the more easily it is to move freight and make a fair profit. You should spend as much time as possible  networking daily with three or four compatible brokers, growing your freight broker’s black book. That list of colleagues becomes your lifeline to planning future business and being prepared to take on big opportunities.

The successful freight broker is not only a logistics expert but a service provider who moves valuable goods all over the country and the world. You may want to utilize a logistical assistant who can help nurture the next load, and the next. They can help develop new clients and prepare for long-term relationships for repeating business.  You want consecutive loads on a consistent basis. The right people in your network can move anything, anywhere.  This would not be possible without building a network of mutual benefit and reliability.

Making a living brokering freight starts with building your network and sharing what you can and can’t do.  If you want more information on how to get started, I can send you a Freight-Broker Starter Kit.  The information guides you through the basics of getting started in the Brokerage business.  Remember, a solid foundation in the beginning is key to your success as a freight-broker.

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Steven Haught is the vice president of the JW Surety Bonds sales and business development departments. He specializes in ensuring our sales team is providing an excellent experience for our potential clients, and also handles unique business partnerships. He contributes his sales expertise to our surety bond blog.


Haviva Stevenson

Team Building is always great, it simplifies the difficult tasks and moreover more work can be done in less time.


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