Lease Deals: Three Tips How to Make the Best of Them

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Auto dealerships can make a good profit from lease deals – it’s just a matter of doing it right. With these three tips, your dealership will be better suited to benefit from them.

First of all, it’s not likely that you will make $1000 from a lease. Relying on more products is the key here. This could mean a distribution among different services, such as maintenance, tires and wheels, key replacement and the like. If you play your cards well with these, you can increase your overall PVR drastically.

Next, plan well with your customer. Make sure you ask them the right questions, just like you would do with a regular sale. That’s how you can learn the most about their future needs such as paint damage, burns, tears or windshield repairs, for example.

Finally, you need a lease menu that speaks directly to the different conditions that your lessees are facing. You can make an electronic or printed one, but in both cases, the customer will have something visually appealing to choose from. Then you can present the benefits of each option to make their choices easier.

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