JW Surety Bonds Announces Winner of 2014 Scholarship Contest

We are pleased to announce the winner of the JW Surety Bonds $25,000 Scholarship Giveaway. The award will go to Miguel Villalobos, a senior in high school attending Greengates School in Mexico City.

The winning entry is the very detailed infographic “All You Need to Know about Becoming a Real Estate Agent”, a creative visual compilation of facts concerning the real estate industry. You may view this outstanding entry on our blog here.

Miguel has applied to several top schools in the United States including Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Ohio State University and Rice University. Miguel will major in Economics in the fall of 2015.

We at JW Surety Bonds would like to thank the scholarship applicants not only for the considerable time it took to prepare their entries, but also for their patience in the lengthy evaluation process. We reviewed over 175 articles, videos, slideshows and infographics for this year’s scholarship.

We hope to continue with the scholarship contest in 2015 and will publish details on the scholarship web page sometime in January.


Sandy is an in-house author and surety bond expert at JW Surety bonds, the largest bond agency in the U.S.


Eric Weisbrot

Thank you for your comment. The winning entry was received Sunday, September 28, 2014 prior to over 140 additional submissions and inquiries received the last two days of the contest. We continued to review each submission over the following months and published only the most accurate and informative entries.


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